Textuality (2011)


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Breslin Kennedy, a financial advisor, has been, according to his trust fund living best friend Michael, an “emotional zombie” since his then fiancée, Erin, left him at the altar six months ago via text message. In his emotional distress, Breslin is close to being fired for not meeting his clients’ needs. Also as a response to Erin, Breslin has embarked on three concurrent casual sexual relationships, each of the women believing that they are exclusive. Simone James, a full time blogger about any issue that strikes her fancy and part time artist which she does solely for herself, is also in three what she considers casual sexual relationships, the difference from Breslin’s situation being that all of her casual sexual partners are aware of the others in her life. The three too are in a response, for her to the fact that she loves only one, the one she can’t have full time, he being the fourth, married craft brewer Clive Roberts. Breslin and Simone literally meet by accident. While Breslin initially sees Simone as a possible fourth in he being attracted to her response to their less than ideal way of meeting, Simone, while initially rebuffing Breslin’s advances, can’t help but see in him a friend. Some within this grouping, including Breslin and Simone, see that their current lives aren’t working and decide on a reset, the questions being whether those resets specifically for Breslin and Simone mesh with each other, and even if they do if they can overcome the issue of the other’s most recent sexual/romantic history.

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Textuality Movie Reviews

Kris Holden-Reid without clothes.

The above is a good enough excuse for me to go back over a scene.

However, this isn’t the best date movie. It will raise too many questions in your companion’s mind and you’ll have to guard your phone from snooping forever afterward.

That said, it’s not as painfully bad as some reviews would have you believe. The moral of the story is simple. When you find something real, you have to make a hard choice: to back out of all the other fun, fleeting entanglements, no matter how messy it might get – or let the real one walk.

Yes, the male lead is wooden. Most of the characters aren’t nuanced. The female lead carries the emotions for the whole cast. She doesn’t show a lot of range, but it’s there. The most believable to me are the Three Musketeers – I may have met each of them although not under similar circumstances.

But the very awkwardness of the acting and the filming make this little Canadian film a more real portrayal of the confusions and mistaken assumptions and unavoidable wounds of the current e-fueled, spoiled-for-choice world out there. Maybe the real problem with this movie is that it was released five years ago, before quite so many people had grown into and through this inescapable slice of 21st-century life.

Somewhere between numbing and painful

If you watch this film you will believe that Jason Lewis definitely hit his peak as Smith Jarrod in “Sex and The City.” His high, nasal voice constantly distracted me from trying to find him attractive. Even though 30% of his shots were of him naked to the waist (I am female), it was not enough to overcome his lack of acting ability or chemistry with anyone in the movie. I suppose the “message” of the film was a comment upon how superficial and incapable of intimacy we have become. By creating characters that had absolutely no chemistry with each other and just went through the motions of sex, the makers of this film succeeded. I have seen Eric McCormack and Jason Lewis do great work, so I can only blame it on the director, Warren Sonoda and the writer, Liam Card. Even though the film made an episode of “Gossip Girl” seem deep and meaningful, the final 20 minutes were the most painful to get through. There was simply no substance. My advise is that even if it is free to view, save your time for anything else.

The only good thing in this… is Carly Pope.

I don’t often write reviews, but while watching this movie I felt like I had to warn others not to waste money on it.

None of the characters have personalities. Even the main character is completely shallow and the only funny thing about him is his arrogance towards anything (which may just be bad acting).

Carly Pope is great. She’s the most dynamic character in the film, very much thanks to her acting, less thanks to the script.

Oh and another thing that was kinda funny were the guys she was dating. Probably the most original characters in the film, but too little screen time and as a result very shallow. I’d watch a film with just those three.

I think this movie is a great study (or warning) for any emerging script writers and possibly directors in what you get if your characters don’t have any character. If the main goal is the storyline rather than making the audience bond, then why not write a book instead.