Nightmare PTA Moms (2022)


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It follows a mother as she joins the PTA, hoping to get more involved at her daughter’s new middle school, but she finds it run by a power-hungry mom with a penchant for backstabbing – literally.

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Don’t be part of the PTA!

Gail and Rick move to a new city along with their daughter, Chloe. While dropping her daughter off at school, Gail meets Vanessa, president of the PTA, who thinks she should attend the meetings and Gail agrees. But Vanessa, a dangerous psycho, becomes jealous of Gail and Rick and wants to break them up! What will she do? You will have to tune in to find out. Well acted and good plot. Definitely recommend!

I’ve Been Bamboozled

I went into this laughing at the premise, and came out of it actually sort of enjoying it. This was definitely way better than it had any right to be.

not completely as terrible as some

In all honesty not the worst of the made for tv daytime mystery thriller films. The acting was actually quite good in certain places but its the script with these films that usually lets them down. Cringy with some of the words added. There was no slow parts in this film though which was a plus point. No time in the movie did I feel my finger about to fast Forword the film. I actually enjoyed it. The three members of the cast that played the family were quite good. The rival mother was but not as good really. The rest of the side characters could bef orgotten but hey they were still alright when it comes to it. Overall a good film and better than some.