6 Guns (2010)

21% – Critics
false% – Audience

6 Guns Storyline

A young woman enlists the aid of a bounty hunter to teach her to be a gunfighter so she can hunt down the men who killed her family.

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6 Guns Movie Reviews


Soo… What we have here. Typical low budget movie with typical western theme of revenge.

Action: You get your share of shootout, no worries about that. Though pace of the movie is slow.

Plot: 2 dimensional. Stereotypical. Nothing original.

Acting: Almost non-presented.

What we learn from the movie: 1) Sage Mears is beautiful. VERY beautiful. 2) She will never get an Oscar. NEVER. 3) To look as cool western hero, you must try to be as emotionless as possible and talk as little as possible, and never mind if time to time you look dumb because of that, instead of looking cool.

If you decide to watch this movie:

1) Ignore the plot holes. 2) Ignore all the pointless characters. 3) Lower your expectations to not be disappointed.

goofs and poor props

you will love this movie IF and only IF you like bad acting and a movie set that was put up in the back of a home depot store.. all of the lumber was modern ..the best scene was the one in jail cell when you can see all the wafer-wood painted green.. all of the door knobs are bright brass..

and i loved the double acting hinges on the bars swinging doors the electric porch lights on all of the buildings.. the only reason i finished watching the movie, was to finish out my worst ten movies list.

What about these…?? WASHINGTON QUARTERS (minted in 1932) and ROOSEVELT DIMES (1946)…add to that the brand new JUMBO INDEX playing cards in the poker game.

I’ve seen worse

I watched this while having a bad day and still found it mildly entertaining, and that’s saying something, as I’m not easily-pleased with B-grade movies. Low-budget, sure. Predictable plot, yeah. But the acting was decent. Nice to see Greg Evigan as the sheriff (I remembered him from B.J. and the Bear some 30 years ago, and hardly recognized him.) Sage Mears as the female lead was rather easy on the eyes, and believable. Her character didn’t suddenly become the fastest gun alive after taking shooting lessons, which would seem to be the norm for this type of Western revenge genre. She learned how to hold a gun and pull the trigger, but not a whole lot more. There were a few anachronistic-type flaws, as has been pointed out, but they were easily overlooked. I’m not going to recommend that you make a special trip to the video store. But if you’re in the mood for a Western, I’ve seen much worse. (Try sitting through a Dwight Yoakum Western and see what I mean.)