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Devised, written, choreographed, performed and funded by Alan Partridge, Stratagem sees Alan not just treading the boards but pounding them, atop stages graced by such luminaries as Michael Ball, Jack Whitehall and Welsh rockers the Stereophonics.

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“This country…”

First off I can’t believe the reviews people have left on here, I don’t know if there’s an agenda to get Coogan or something but they claim to be fans and that this was terrible and it just wasn’t. One person even said that he needed his writers to help him, it literally says on the first credits scene that Neil Gibbons and Rob Gibbons were also writers, that’s who he always works with nowadays.

Now is this ‘The man who thinks he’s it’? No, but I don’t think any character comedy stand up has ever come close to that, it’s a master piece. But is this good, yes 100% it is!

Tbh it’s just nice to get some new Partridge/Coogan, bit annoyed that it wasn’t advertised, the amount of Partridge I’ve watched on Prime/Britbox and paid for I thought it would have been recommended all over the shop, but it was by complete accident that I found it and I’m so glad that I did.

Ignore the hate on this, it’s funny and it’s new and it fits in with new era Partridge (This time, Partrimilgrimage etc). It does get a bit silly, but it’s a big venue and he’s got to play it to the back row as he’s not on a big screen.

There’s a few genuinely classic moments, I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but an old friend comes about and makes Alan look a proper eejit.

There really is some moments that will go down as classic Partridge and some that missed the mark a bit. But it is in now way a bad watch, if you like Alan get it watched straight away!

A massive Steve Coogan fan, but very disappointed

I’m sure Steve has made a lot of money from this tour, however I along with many other people have never watched so much drivel in all ours lives. The character Alan Partridge is absolutely superb and one of the finest comedy series of all time, however this effort falls short of being remotely amusing. As someone sat watching this live I cringed along with other audience members when no one was laughing. I know it’s the character, however it’s supposed to still be funny. It’s a perfect example of leaving a classic memory behind and not trying to rekindle it for more money. Don’t waste your time, don’t watch it.

Just weird

Firstly, Mr Coogan, should your read this, I am sorry for this review

I saw this pop up on prime and I was very excited as I had no idea there was a live show of one of my all time favourite comedy characters of all time, I have seen all the series, and some of the podcasts, the film, and love them.

The first 20 minutes of this really made me laugh, then turned into a weird segment (no spoilers but about 20 minutes in) which was just so odd and left me scratching my head, it wasn’t funny, and it wasn’t Alan Partridge. I stress again, I am a real fan of the character and the series

I struggled on, and an hour in with 20 minutes to go, I really wished I had stopped after 20 minutes, I am currently writing this review while watching the last 20 minutes but its just not funny, it goes from odd segment to odd segment, I feel quite sad honestly, I really thought this was going to be great, I know this review is a little vague because maybe its just me? And I don’t want to leave spoilers

In short, I think the character only works with script writers, this feels like Mr Coogan has tried to carry on the character with no help from good script writers, maybe he did have them, maybe I am being unjustly unfair in presuming that Steve Coogan wrote all this alone, but if he did, he shouldn’t.

3/10. First 20 minutes or me 8/10 and then awful afterwards.