Sex Is Zero 2 (2007)

50% – Critics
50% – Audience

Sex Is Zero 2 Storyline

In his 10th year at college, Eun-sik is part of a nearly ideal campus couple with swimming champ Kyung-ah. While their three-year relationship is solid, Eun-sik struggles to get to the next level with Kyung-ah; despite the help and support of his friends, he can’t manage to get her into bed.—CJ Entertainment

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Sex Is Zero 2 Movie Reviews

Basically a rehash of the first one…

Just about all the cast are back with few new ones. It’s basically a rehash of the first one with more obnoxious characters and nudity. With similar pranks and scenarios going on. And the female characters are even more unattractive in this one. Although the lead female character is much more likable this time around. The main slight difference though is the relationship between the lead male character with a caring heart but unemployed and short/not good looking. And a different lead female character who strives for love over what a person has. And a tall and employed guy comes around and is after the lead female character’s heart. This side character is genuinely in love with the lead female character but I don’t know to me he comes off as a bit of a sleazeball. You know those characters that act overly gentleman style but still comes off as a sleazeball? Well that is how he comes off as. And the background subplot has the female swim team and amateur guys trying to be in K-1 boxing. None of the character however are likable and they all have zero charming points. The humor is just obnoxious and gross but I just didn’t find it funny. Maybe I just chuckled once or twice but just couldn’t remember like this movie. It’s not a unbearable sex comedy but it’s a forgettable one.


Better than the first one

The movie follows the format of Sex is Zero that came out 5 years earlier. The movie this time is about women swimmers, and few men that intermingles along the way, making romance, and few sexual innuendos. Story flows lot smoother than the original Sex is Zero.

Many good looking Korean girls parade in swim suit in this movie. The format is similar to Sex is Zero, but the presentation is lot more refined in this movie. Each scene is beautifully shot, and is visually entertaining.

The comedy is great in this movie as well. Korean romantic comedy takes the genre to a next level in its funniness that’s tied to their culture. It’s more radical than any other Asian comedic movies.

I really liked this movie, and hope they’d come out with a third installment of the series.