The Gundown (2011)

25% – Critics
false% – Audience

The Gundown Storyline

In 1889, a reclusive gun-for-hire, Cole Brandt, travels the barren Arizona desert bringing wanted fugitives to justice, dead or alive. He drifts from town to town, hunting down and seeking revenge on the men who killed his wife and child five years prior. When his travels take him to the lawless town of Dead River, he signs on to protect The Majestic Saloon, owned by Thomas Morgan and his wife, Sarah. Brandt soon meets a beautiful, innocent prostitute, Cassey May, who works at The Raven, the local brothel and hotel. Travis McCain, the owner of The Raven, is an outlaw who has taken control of Dead River, leaving the residents to live in fear of McCain and his rogue group of men. McCain soon learns about the relationship between Brandt and Cassey May, and threatens Cassey May with her life. Cassey May defies McCain, escaping The Raven, seeking protection with Sarah and Brandt at The Majestic Saloon. Brandt is then faced with the dangerous task of defending Sarah and Cassey May, with no choice but to face off with McCain and his killers. All hell breaks loose when McCain puts a bounty on Brandt’s head, as the stage is set for a bloody showdown. One man that dares to stand up to evil. One town that will be changed forever. One last stand in a fight for freedom. The day has come.—Anonymous

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The Gundown Movie Reviews

Beware, don’t waste your precious time in this crap picture!!!

What a crap movie, they bring Peter Coyote to acting 20 minutes or so in hope to hook the attention to the audience, bad move, the picture doesn’t uphold by itself, the premise is really insane , the Town is made by brand new woods, pine cheapest wood, the special effects on gunfire is outrageous laughable, we clearly see the blasters some sparkers, as it were possible, the villain Travis McCain is too malign that damage his own merchandise, in this case his prostitutes, provide under awful screenplay the picture survives just the charismatic Cole Brent in a convincing an reliable acting, anyway al rimainder is totally wasting of time, be warning!!


First watch: 2019 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 4

Ok – but reduced by poor casting choices

This film was sort of doing ok with its scope & a decent story build. A good construction of tensions with good & bad character relations plus more individual character development was seen. (although a bit wooden in some cases).

Excellent camera work & lighting was clear from the very beginning & throughout. It is all going well until someone’s over filled lips spoiled the whole film image & retro look with an obvious 21st century silicone plastic lip surgery. Tragically this became obvious to all as a mis-cast person. This was not an inappropriate look for this film. This made her character appear comical rather than intimidating – the opposite of what was intended.

What the casting crew were thinking of is unfathomable. They degraded this film from ‘OK/Decent’ to ‘middling/poor’ by this miscasting choice when everything else was open to them.

Watchable if not Want-able

If not for the language this looks exactly like a network TV show. The indoor scenes are way over-lit and even the fade to black scene breaks are expectant of a commercial.

The good-guy is cool but a bit over polite and the bad guy is menacing although much of his evil deeds are either verbal or off screen. There is plenty of death by gun, but no squibs or suffering.

Stealing the show is the lovable whore who you can’t help but want to help. The supporting cast overall is unremarkable, flat, and uninspiring and most of the drama is delivered “by the book”.

The four years later ending is straight out of a weak movie of the week, but despite all this it is watchable if not want-able.