Finding Love in Big Sky, Montana (2022)


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An independent country girl, PAISLEY (Hedy Nasser), takes on the task of upholding her adored grandfather’s ranch. After being denied the funding needed to refurbish the ranch, she is reintroduced to her ex-boyfriend JOSH (Johnathan Stoddard), a big-time marketing executive stationed in Denver who has been suspended from his current position at his company. Admitting to herself that she needs the help, Paisley agrees to work with Josh while he is town to come up with ideas on how to raise money for the farm. An extra set of hands comes along when Josh’s brother and Paisley’s good friend SAM comes back into town to visit the pair. After 15 long years and in the midst of their fundraising efforts, Paisley and Josh are finally able to reconnect and find the love in each other that seemed to have been there all along.

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Finding Love in Big Sky, Montana Movie Reviews

A typical rom-com with weak lead actors.

This is a rom-com from UPTV, it’s an evangelical broadcaster. The plot is at least believable and most of the the dialog is ok. I agree the two leads Nasser and Stoddard are miscast, they don’t seem at ease with their roles. Nathan Kehn (Sam) and Raechel Wong (Charlie) should have been cast as the leads, they can act especially Kehn.

The location is beautiful with the snow capped hills and mountains, it reminds me of Montana and Alberta, more likely it was filmed in Canada – British Columbia or Alberta. Filming in winter with overcast skies does darken scenes, a production and cinematography problem. Limited budget so there are few characters and this may have been filmed during COVID restrictions.

Bad Casting

Zero, I mean… zero chemistry between the actors.

The female lead was… well.. not believable. Not particularly a good fit to lead a movie, let alone a rom-com.

Meanwhile… Where’s the ruggedness, the big sky energy?!errr.. in a cowboy hat? The draw of the title seemed lost here.

I know it’s difficult to make a move, especially a movie with next to no budget- but this is why it’s CRUCIAL to spend the money needed on a superior actor.

Production design and script issues will be more forgiven.

Okay camera work, with a propensity for golden hour shots.

Shame, it could have been something memorable.

Boring. Actress has no acting voice. Emotionless.

The story was okay. The pretty actress, while her acting was okay, had an emotionless voice, monotone, no feeling. There was no personality to speak of. The story starts with her narrating. There was no chemistry between the two leads.

The basic story was similar to many others, but the scenery was nice. I gave it a 6. No misunderstandings or big conflict, which was fine. Just nothing worth watching again.

I have to write 600 characters for this review to be published. So, hmm, did I say it was boring?

There were horses, trail riding, kids.

No empty coffee cups that I remember. I don’t remember seeing any of the actors before.

There was money needed, and a loan was applied for. It was an extreme amount, which I thought was unlikely to be approved. And there was subsequent fundraising which of course came no where close to the large amount of money requested.

There were two couples who found romance.

I appears that we will be seeing fewer reviews here. I enjoy the short reviews, and rarely read a long one all the way through. If you got this far, you know I am trying to fill a character quota. Omg.