Mommy’s Little Star (2022)


Mommy’s Little Star Storyline

Follows 12-year-old Olivia, who becomes a social media star in order to impress her mother, but her mom’s new boyfriend intends more than just help manage her career, and throws her into a world of betrayal, jealousy, and even murder.

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Mommy’s Little Star Movie Reviews

Amusing thriller about the evils of TikTok…

If you approach this movie as a comedy, you might like it. Compared to other lifetime thrillers, the material is actually (kind of) original, plus there are lots of funny moments. One of the better LMNs I’ve seen!

It isn’t the worst but

There is no one likable in this movie. The little girl is a brat, the mom is a junkie who just used her kid for a payday, and the bad guy is lame. The only one you semi root for is the dad who as usual in Lifetime movies, is useless.

Not very good

I’m a big fan of Lifetime movies but this one missed the mark. Bad acting from a few of the characters. Thought the child actor was mis-cast. Kept waiting for the movie to be over.