Banana in a Nutshell (2005)


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An intimate portrait of a Chinese-European couple in New Zealand, and their journey to get a blessing for marriage from traditional Chinese parents.

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Another feeble attempt to exploit an ever decreasing union

When fetish meets fad.. If my eyes rolled any harder they would fall out of my head. When is a stereotype not a stereotype? When it’s the truth. You can try to milk it for what it’s worth but you are going to have to squeeze the cow sooner or later, in this case.. sooner

It’s okay but it feels very amateurish

I can see why her family wouldn’t want to be in the film, as it seems that she didn’t even let them know that she was talking about them in public. Considering the Chinese are already very touchy when it comes to their personal life, I feel she could have been a little more sensitive. The guy just feels like a zero to the left, his role in the film is quite irrelevant. An okay documentary, definitely I learned a few things about China, still not a documentary I would put on my top 10.

Honesty meets Reality

At what point are you no longer owned by your family? Is it marriage? Enjoyed the musing and frequently pensive understandings of a young couple caught in a vortex of culturally imposed minefields and filial duty. In the end aren’t we the determiners of our own adult fate, or are we just a reflection of a self. Are by others? This move waxes and wanes the reality of self, self development, and who are we as two may or may not become 1.