Revoir Paris (2022)

88% – Critics

Revoir Paris Storyline

Three months after surviving a terrorist attack in a bistro, Mia is still traumatized and unable to recall the events of that night. In an effort to move forward, she investigates her memories and retraces her steps.

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Moving portrait of coping with collective trauma

This movie shows very well what (I imagine) it happens after an event like the one from November 2015 in Paris: life just cannot be the same. Survivors are haunted by what they have experienced and they feel deeply connected to the other people that survived – many of whom feel the urge to revisit the bistro where this took place and make sense of what happened. This experience is so profound, intimate and shifting for someone that this basically creates a new family, of survivors, at the expense of the existing relationships.

The main character finds herself trying to remember what happened, partly because she is being accused of blocking herself in a toilet in the moment of the attack and denying a hiding place for the others, partly because she cannot find shelter in her former relationships (friends, lover) all of which don’t seem to understand why she cannot move on.

Among trauma, PTSD (portrayed in a very compelling way) and her struggle to piece things together, we also discover hope and human connection, and this is one of those movies where suspension of disbelief works. At some point I was actually surprised to recognize an actor from other movies, it just didn’t occur to me that I was not watching a piece of real life. Leaving cheesiness aside, I highly recommend this one.

Why this movie? Is it a tribute?

I’m quite disappointed with the film and I don’t understand the reasons for its existence. For me, this film is a tribute to the attacks in France. I remain very mixed on the scenario and seems to me enormously disjointed and has neither head nor tail. The images of the attack in the cafe are strong and give the film a more serious and dramatic air. The rest seems completely ridiculous to me: Mia (Virginie Effira) and her amnesia concerning the events of the attack and the fact that she wants to remember for I don’t know what reasons. It seemed completely far-fetched to me and I really had the impression that it was all just an excuse and I had a hard time throughout the film to understand why she wanted to remember: to silence certain accusations against her? Why look for people who just witnessed the attack? I didn’t understand at all. I was very disappointed throughout the film. And the clichés about migrants hurt my head and the only foreign people in the film are completely belittled and the fact that the young Senegalese is a souvenir seller on the streets but what a cliché! I found that degrading and not at all respectful of certain communities. The real strong point of the film remains the relationship between Thomas (Benoit Magimel) and Mia (Virginie Effira) who give a human and funny side to the story and make us want to get attached to the characters. Except for a few moments of revelation (when the woman accuses Mia of having locked herself in the toilet and we finally learn that this cowardly act was in fact that she herself who had locked herself in) and strong moments (attack, the meeting with Assane when he sells the Eiffel Tower as a souvenir and that Mia tries to remind him of the moment of the attack: I found it moving thanks also to the performance of Virginie Effira). Otherwise it remains a film without substance really the story is flat and there is no stake and no real mysteries: why must she remember the attack? It makes no sense other than just a tribute to the attacks in Paris. Rather disappointed with the quality of the film and the emptiness of the scenario. To see only for the performance of the two main actors: Benoit and Virginie, but that is the only interest in my eyes for this film, unfortunately. Disappointing.