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The silence of a hot summer evening is shattered by the crash of something falling down a wooden stairwell followed by the wailing of a young boy. His parents can hardly make our his terrifying account of someone…something upstairs that had touched him on the shoulder and threw him down the stairs. His father, exhausted from a double shift at the steel mill, loudly clambered up the steps to investigate while the boy’s mother comforted her son and asked if he was hurt. Upon a cursory exam of the rooms, the father appeared at the landing brusquely saying that it was nothing and no one was in the house. A day or so later, a very distinct, raised mark was discovered on the boy’s shoulder. A medical exam was inconclusive. The boy was told to lie about the mark and how he had received it. He lied about it for over 45 years. He kept the fear of that night, the shame of his father’s dismissal of his account, and the memory of that almond-eyed visitor locked tight in his mind. The boy grew into a perfectly normal man who lived in a normal house, with his normal wife and children – except for his obsessive preoccupation with home security, paralyzing fear of open skies or deep water, and his abiding sense that he was being watched. With the help of some very good and open-minded friends, he finally came to terms with his memories and the truth that he had a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind. But there was something missing; something that was just out of his reach. He could not remember how he got to the top of those stairs, why had the entity touched him, why was he ‘marked’, and what did it all mean? This documentary follows him as he discovers that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life and all over the globe who have experienced something similar – he is not alone. We witness his encounter as a boy and through a technique called Quantum Hypnotherapy we ‘sit-in’ while a highly skilled therapist with over 40 years of experience guide him back to that Summer evening; we cheer him as he masters his fear, and we finally discover what really happened that night. Where did he go? What did he learn? What can he share with the rest of us? What will YOU do when you know the truth? This. Is. Happening. – Learn to overcome your fear and get: Answers to Alien Abduction.

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Alien Abduction: Answers Movie Reviews

Good intentions, bad references

The initiator of this documentary in my opinion has really lived an extraterrestrial experience. Unfortunately, he soon found himself in a very bad environment… And he has largely built his documentary with members of this dubious environment.

First, he chose to put all his trust in Strieber, who in my opinion is a fraud, a writer stuck with writer’s block who saw in this growing phenomenon of alien abduction an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration.

In the group of people around him, in my opinion there are only 2 ladies who seem to me to have had real experiences… the others not… just cookoos looking for a way to feel special.

You must remember that just because the phenomenon has a real basis, it does not mean that everyone who comes forward is an authentic “experiencer”.

One can often rely on the fact that true experiencers suffer from PTSD most of the time. Because going through this is deeply traumatic. The Striebers and friends hardly manage to “talk” about it without laughing… That was my 2 cents.

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in spirituality as well as aliens. It has a very moving message that humanity needs to hear! Very moving.

New Must See Contact Experiences Told 1st Hand From 9 Experiencers

I have rewatched this so many times; each time I learn more. Nine never before seen contact experiences are revealed first hand with gripping re-enactments. Whitley Strieber provides historical context and insights into phenomena that have likely been with us since our inception. John Yost breaks through personal fears and faces a paradigm shifting reality. Who are they, who are we? This topic is a rabbit hole, but this film lays a foundation for understanding, if you are ready.