The Boat (2022)

82% – Critics
82% – Audience

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This Boat Should Have Never Left the Dock

3 couples go on boating excursion. After a hard night of partying they wake up to find themselves adrift at sea and robbed of essentials. They get a radio call from the robber pirate who proceeds to toy with them. Apparently, the couples’ money issues and cheating and other past secrets are forced out into the open by the pirate.

At this point in the movie is still watchable but once the pirate makes his appearance the story goes haywire. The audience is made aware of the connection the pirate has with each of the 3 men. It is apparent he is out for revenge.

The story falls apart when the men so quickly turn on each other over the seemingly trivial revelations. When they so desperately need each other now they abandon their bonds. The women also react irrationally to the news. The resulting conclusion is that these people are the weakest humans to ever walk on this planet. No one has any survival instincts or any backbone.

The pirate’s revenge plot is also blandly developed so you just really don’t buy the anger and blood thirst. They threw in a bunch of flashbacks to show his conversion from a young innocent boy to maniacal killer. Its just not convincing enough. This movie is plan bad and forgettable. Do Not Watch!

so thrill and hot to death ^^

This movie is fantastic thriller and death trip by killing boat what an amazing thriller it is… and even though it’s a Italian movie with Italian language I have not watched Italian movie before yet When I watched it I seems to be feeled where am I with horrible situation and killing each other and looking for who is the main killer and why someone was killed by whom Some scenes was tough and zam to me but it give to me feeing cool as like in the ocean or river in pacific Island ocean any way, I recommend to you to watch this movie when you have some time to watch for killing time movie with your friend.

Different and Rewarding.

Different and Rewarding.

Don’t expect to see any ghost apparition or monster jumping out of the darkness.

No this movie will play with your mind, and your nerves, without showing you anything, and this is what good movie are about: make your imagination working.

Simple but efficient story line, good acting, nice sound effect.

The difference of atmosphere between the infinity of the ocean and the small boat, makes you unsettle. Enjoy!

Any experienced Sailor would love this movie.

As a sailor myself I enjoyed this movie as understood every move the solo actor was doing.

It’s clever, very clever and anyone who owns a sailboat should watch this.

Gripping stuff that kept me glued to the end. A genre film true and true.

Great acting by Joe Azzopardi , what a star! Would love to see in something else.