A Sister’s Grudge (2021)


A Sister’s Grudge Storyline

Family dynamics take a messy turn when a woman learns she has a half sister at her mother’s funeral. As her perfect life starts to unravel, she suspects her new sister is to blame for her Mom’s death.

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A Sister’s Grudge Movie Reviews

“I Will Have Your Gilded Life”

Who talks like this I just don’t know. Ok so this is your typical LM with an ending you can see a mile away. Still enjoyable, Not as good as the last LM movie I saw called (Fatal memory aka Deadly infidelity). This was one of those movies that you cannot help but roll your eyes when something happens. Albeit predictable, still much better than other movies I have seen now a days.

Oh, Come On!

I had to stop watching after just the first few minutes because of the mother’s stupidity. She wasn’t killed in a hit and run, she all but begged that car to hit her!

If you’re running alongside a single-lane road and a car comes up behind you, what do you do?

A: step off onto the shoulder to allow the car to pass you.

B: get paranoid that the car is following you, try to outrun it, and then stop IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD and stare at it like a deer caught in the headlights.

If you said B, congratulations, you’re the mother in this movie. Seriously, who DOES that? The entire movie could have been avoided if she’d just used a single brain cell and stepped out of the road.

Welcome to the family???

Lindsey and Gavin are engaged to be married but then her mother is run over and dies. Enter Sarah, the half-sister, who has the nerve to show up at her funeral and then insinuates herself into the family making Lindsey immediately suspicious of her. This Lifetime movie had an interesting script based on actual events and worth the watch! Recommended!