The Harrisville Haunting: The Real Conjuring House (2022)

73% – Audience

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Four paranormal researchers and YouTubers document the paranormal claims of the former Arnold family farmhouse built in 1736. Now known as the Harrisville Farmhouse and the inspiration for the well known movie “The Conjuring”. Are the extreme Paranormal claims from the film real? Come along with researchers Matt Benton, Joe Vitale, Bill Cook, and Eric Conner as they delve into this mysterious haunting and share their incredible findings and evidence.

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Are you kidding me

These supposed ghost hunters need to just get under the covers and cover their heads up, get some other hobby, I’m Scared! Oh no whats that? Any little noise or light was Sooo scary for this bunch. How interesting is this bunch of obvious newbies to the paranormal .This was the most boring ghost hunt that I have ever seen. Get some pro’s in there instead of this bunch who are afraid of their own shadows .

Did we go too far(end of doc)? No, you didn’t go far enough. The cast has all of the equipment for the subject and they stare at instead of getting EVP’s..This should be a B movie with a cast of bad actors.

Sad Commentary on Confirmation Bias

People either believe in the paranormal or they don’t. Depending on where you stand on that spectrum, this “documentary” will prove your theory. Why? Confirmation bias. Nothing that is recorded: sound or movement proves anything one way or another. But, there are some perfectly silly moments. For example, the rocking chair that moves on its own. Just as the investigator steps, the rocker moves. Then there is a cutaway, and then the investigator jumps up and down to “prove” it wasn’t his step. Yet, video of the chair shows clearly that one rocker blade is pinned against the baseboard, keeping it from moving. Who moved it and why the video cutaway? Was it the ghost, or someone very alive who manipulated the scene? Also, there is the radio that finds interference. Any first responder with an LMR has experienced this at times. Cellphones have tower in one place, and just inches away, have none. Such is the issue with electronics. Ghost, or not? Shot in one dimension, video makes it easy for the ordinary to appear extraordinary. The film abounds with noises, moving doors etc. In a mid 18th century structure. For the non-believer, physics and age are the cause. For the believer, it is the paranormal. So, how do you break the confirmation bias tie? By adding what almost no paranormal investigator will add: on-scene neutral parties and individuals from the non-believer side to prove what is presented to us as true. It’s good science to do so, adding positive and negative controls to the experiments to remove any possibility of filmmaker shenanigans or scientifically explainable occurrences. Without controls, this is nothing more than people who make their living and bind their reputations to the existence of the paranormal, showing viewers what the filmmakers want the audience to see. A sad confirmation biased reality.

White Noise Killed It!

That horrible high pitched background noise you injected in this program was just horrible. It made it impossible to watch and gave me a headache. Were your findings not enough that you had to add fake music to add to mood. I wish I didn’t have to write so many characters because there is little to say except it was a total waste of time for you to make and me to watch. I can not recommend this show to anyone. It was okay in the beginning before you started the investigation and didn’t have that dumb noised going all the time. It was a good idea to do a documentary on this property but it was so badly done.