Killer Profile (2021)


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A high school senior becomes determined to uncover her new classmate’s true identity as strange events take place at their school.

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Killer Profile Movie Reviews

Ending was back to front

Unfortunately the end of this movie is back to front the 2 people who did all that damage to the poor girl and ruined her life. That spirals her in to seeking vengeance get away with a happy ever afterwards ending .Instead of justice for there wrong doings.

Loved this movie

This Lifetime movie was great. Such young talent displayed here It kept me interested the whole movie. Highly recommend that you watch it.

The best Lifetime movie of 2021 (so far)

“Do You Trust Your Boyfriend?” is a Lifetime winner. This movie does everything right. The script is strong and the direction is tight. The cast is very likeable with one strong performance after another. Kendall Cato deserves an Emmy nomination. She’s great in this movie. “Do You Trust Your Boyfriend?” really hit the spot.