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Oh My Ghost Storyline

The plot of the movie begins with a warning about the ghost that has been terrorizing the village. Rajendra, who is playing the flute, tells the people that a man named Sathish can save them from the ghost. Sathish and Ramesh Thilak are an upcoming director and cameraman respectively, with Sathish being known for his B-grade and erotic movies. Sathish’s attempt to pitch a story to a movie producer goes awry, and he, along with Ramesh and their agent, are beaten up.Later, their agent provides Sathish with the contact of another producer, who agrees to finance the film if Sathish can help him with his personal problem. Meanwhile, Sathish’s girlfriend experiences a nightmare in which she is killed by Sunny Leone. She visits a baba to help her get rid of her nightmares. The crew struggles to find a suitable female lead for the film until a girl comes along, and they begin shooting the movie in their house. During the filming, Sathish’s girlfriend unexpectedly arrives and witnesses a scene that disturbs her. They attempt to cover it up by making it seem like a police interrogation scene. Sathish and Ramesh decide to shoot a song for the film, and after the shoot, they get drunk and stumble home.They encounter a group performing an exorcism, and a scuffle ensues, forcing them to flee. Once they return home, they hear strange noises from their room and learn that it is haunted by a ghost. Sathish’s girlfriend gets possessed by the ghost and claims she wants to go to Anacondapuram. Sathish, Ramesh, Pusphalal (the producer), and Sathish’s girlfriend travel to Anacondapuram to uncover the mystery. However, just before reaching their destination, Sathish’s girlfriend disappears, and they are forced to search for her. They eventually find her at a fort, where she performs a ritual that awakens Sunny Leone’s ghost.The group flees the fort and hides in the village, where they meet Rajendra, who tells them the story of Sunny Leone. She was the queen of Anacondapuram Fort and despised men, often killing them. When Gera Khan tried to attack her kingdom, she whipped him and sent him back. She then asks Raja Guru to find men capable of matching her strength. Yogi Baba, the current Raja Guru, narrates how Sunny’s father was a womanizer, and she was disgusted by his actions. She wanted to take revenge on all men and would often go to the village to kill them. When the king and Raja Guru tried to poison her, she killed them both. Yogi Baba, who looks like his father, wants to take revenge on Sunny for killing his father. He tried to assassinate her with the help of a man, but she catches the spear and kills the assassin. Sunny dislikes Sathish’s performance and goes from village to village to kill him. Eventually, Sathish and his crew discover the truth about Sunny and attempt to save themselves from her wrath.

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Oh My Ghost Movie Reviews

Confusing censoring

Okay the film in itself is bad, poor writing, poor dialogue, poor effects. Everything about it seems contrived, uninspired and ultimately, worst of all, boring. There is nothing funny or humorous about this “comedy horror” neither is there anything frightening or even unsettling in the slightest. It seems to define comedy as silly faces and horror as an occasional flash of lightning.

Most confusing though is the censorship. There are upskirt shots, revealing outfits and provocative dancing, though when cleavage is on screen it’s too much and they put an obnoxious blur over it which serves to draw the eye to the area even more because it’s distracting. The film starts with a disclaimer that it does not encourage violence against women, however the movie features scenes of battle, a female ruler slaughtering hordes of men without remorse and even keeping a man in a cage in her chambers. It would atleast make sense if they said “this film does not encourage violence of any kind” but yet they chose to be exclusionary about it. It is confusing.

I gave a 1 beacuse…

…I couldn’t give a 0. They spent so much money on something with such a bad screenplay, dialogues and acting. Double meaning dialogues and scenes that doesn’t work at all, over glamour for no reason.

I understand the need and market for movies of this kind, but why don’t they make it good. The scary scenes doesn’t work with invoking any kind of scare or emotion. Even the cheap jump scares sections were so bad. Not scary and not funny. It’s neither there or neither here.

Had so many Vijay TV comedians in the movie, but they all were so underused. I really wish all the comedians (comali’s) from Vijay TV really get a character in the movie which justifies using them and gives them some acting scope.