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Horror webtoon writer Ji-woo arrives at a shabby apartment called Gwanglim Mansion in search of ideas. The middle-aged caretaker with an expressionless facial expression unravels a bundle of strange events that happened in the apartment, and rooms 504, 708… The more Ji-woo hears the story, the more he becomes obsessed with the Ghost Mansion.

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The terrors presented are not all in the form of figures with horrific scary faces, but supernatural phenomena that disturb the mental. The thing that feels most interesting about this film, the selection of terror for terror, is the plot. In five different horror stories there are detailed plots that connect them. The plot is made in such detail that you will see in one story there are pieces of another story.

Not a bad premise, but the director/filmmakers just don’t quite seem to put the story together very well…

I really like Korean Horror films. And, I like stories about haunted places. But, honestly, this one never seems to quite get off the ground. I felt the pacing was a bit amateurish and therefore just not that involving. The characters don’t really seem to act in a realistic manner, which also kind of takes you out of the film.

The movie isn’t horrible, but in my lowly and wretched opinion, I got the impression that perhaps this first time director just didn’t quite know how to present the story in a compelling fashion. Personally, I would ignore the ‘9’ & ’10’ reviews since all they say is how ‘Great’ the movie is without really giving a very believable review as to why… I would pay more attention to the lesser reviews the ones who gave this film ratings more along the line of about ‘6’ or so, because at least they struck me as more genuine, and they elaborated as to why they felt this way.

I gave it a ‘5’ because I honestly did not find the movie very interesting or engaging at all. I don’t think the ‘scares’ were staged that well. And, like others have stated, the film seemed to become somewhat repetitive as time went on. And, like I said at the beginning above, I usually really like Korean Horror films, especially about haunted places. But, truthfully, this one just did not do very much for me, so I just wanted to leave a simple review stating my impressions because I feel that the current ‘6.x’ rating is not really indicative of the quality of this film. It’s ‘Okay’ as some here have said, but personally I really wouldn’t bother…


An unlike much korean features,very compact.ill bet youve seen such plotlines in the past,but the intensity made me pause thrice just to man up.tgom recommends.