Boobs: An American Obsession (2010)

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We call them by a hundred different names: boobs, knockers, jugs, hooters. We wonder if they’re real or fake, too small or too big, too exposed or too covered. And every year Americans spend millions of dollars on breast enhancement, from push-up bras to surgery. Why is our culture so captivated by this particular part of the female form? “Boobs: An American Obsession” is a revealing, humorous, often poignant investigation involving everyone from anthropologists to porn stars as we explore our culture’s fascination with breasts.—Nina Brownfield-Berry

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Didn’t think it could happen

I couldn’t imagine a film that makes boobs boring and unsexy, but this one does the job nicely. Couldn’t even make it to the end. Starts out well, and deflates like a bad implant.

Eyes Up Here, Fellas.

‘Boobs: An American Obsession’ stays true to its title as a busty lady in an American flag bikini top in closeup is shown. Perhaps telling you all you need to know about this documentary. It doesn’t have anything deep or new to say in a collection of interviews (including minor celebrity faces) but it does mildly entertained because hey … who doesn’t like breasts.

They speak to single women who get implants and their reasoning why. Plastic surgeons, models like Julie Strain, actor Tom Arnold. Everyday people on the street about what makes them so great. All the words / slang to describe them. Stereotypes. A mother & daughter duo who get them enhanced so they can both go onto jobs as erotic dancers. They show them topless working a pole in the club which is kinda nuts but you can’t turn away.

A husband & wife combo where obviously the guy is the one pushing for it. A woman on the opposite end of the spectrum getting a reduction and her reasons why. Adult entertainer Melonie Charm and her increasing monstrous bustline. There’s some light self promotion from some of the people, but that’s not a shock. Breastfeeding in public & the debate on real versus fake are some other hit points.

It’s a talking heads style of doc that I’ve seen plenty of times before. Loosely connected together in piecemeal fashion. Some works, some doesn’t. It’s really a novelty piece with the tiniest bit of titillation attached that goes with the subject matter. I’ve spent 70 minutes worse than this.


This is not a great movie, but the cinematography is bare. I really like this type of film. I will never understand the hate for this movie. I found it to be sensational. It’s an amazing work and everything I had hoped for from an artistic standpoint. After reading some of the negative reviews on here, I just have to say that some people really don’t get it. Unfairly dismissed by some as confusing, I have made the decision to award this film a rating of 7/10. From an artistic standpoint, it holds its own. No matter what any of the critics write, this film is utterly fantastic, a cinematic treat you’ll cherish.