Young Plato (2021)

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Young Plato Storyline

An observational documentary set in post-conflict Belfast’s Ardoyne, where a marginalized, working class community has for generations been plagued by poverty, drugs and guns. This film charts the dream of Headmaster Kevin McArevey and his dedicated, visionary team illustrating how critical thinking and pastoral care can empower and encourage children to see beyond the boundaries and limitations of their own community. We see how philosophy encourages young boys to question the mythologies of war and of violence, and sometimes challenge the narratives their parents, peers and socio-economic group would dictate.

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Young Plato Movie Reviews

Amazing film although

Should of been more focus primary groups

1 – 7 instead of primary 6 and 7 although great film.

All around thought good mix of serious and A overall funny and informative movie

Deifently a must watch if you havenat already And are a teacher or interested in the Category.

Heartwarming, human movie.

In multiple levels this is a super movie. One has to be in the right frame of mind , it ain’t a Holywood blockbuster now.

To me it impressed in the following

  • the importance of teaching / early years pastoral care in sculpting future adults.

  • how 1000s yr-old philosophy has still to teach us as we continue to make the same mistakes today as they did in Ancient Greece.

  • a glimpse of what life would be like in the
absence of the safety net of schools/teachers ie in Covid lockdown, and how children would suffer.

  • a history of N Ireland conflict.

Wonderful teachers and personalities who restore your faith in humanity. There are no heirs, graces or falseness, just a unsullied passion to help others. Wonderful to see this world where there are no hidden agendas or internecine plots that one may see in so many other areas of life.

One of the most poignant documentaries of the decade.

This film shows the innocence of growing up surrounded by politics that costs lives. The way the headteacher tries to embed a new way of thinking to potentially save lives in the future is incredible.

Easily 10 star rating.

Beautiful music throughout to evoke emotion.