Crazy Neighborhood Moms (2022)


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It follows Charlotte as she meets her competitive neighbor Bonnie. When it is discovered that another neighbor was killed, a neighborhood watch is created. No one realizes that it was Bonnie who secretly murdered the neighbor.

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Neighbour from hell

A lethal woman attempts to destroy her new neighbour after suspecting her own husband has an eye for her. A typically enjoyable, though predictable, Lifetime thriller. Gina Simms plays a neighbour from hell, she’s so OTT that it can be quite funny. And it’s so obvious she’s a creep that the new unsuspecting neighbours don’t bat an eyelid! She’s a standout actress, the others are ok. It’s an enjoyable film. The neighbour from hell subject is very relatable.

poor casting, poor acting

Sorry to have to write this but this movie was not really bad. Poor acting and bad casting may have the most to do with why I did not like this one.

Hoping a better future for all involved.

Tightly wound script makes this a winner!

Excellent writing and plot here. Divorcee Charlotte moves into a new neighborhood because of her job with her daughter, Jordan. Little does she know that she’s moved across the street from Bonnie Mason, who’s jealous of her when she finds they work for the same beauty sales company and Bonne wants to be #1 in everything she does. Trouble is Charlotte is #1 in sales and Bonnie plans to change that. What she does makes this a very good thriller and one of Lifetime’s better flicks. Definitely recommend!!!