Killer Grades (2021)


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Proud mom Katherine has just found out that her daughter Michelle has earned a spot on the academic decathlon team. But, when a student winds up in the hospital, she starts to wonder if there’s more going on with the team than she knows.

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Killer Grades Movie Reviews

Dreams, Decathlon, Drugs and Death

When a young teen joins her new school’s decathlon team, she realizes that winning is everything to this team. If you aren’t on board 100%, then you aren’t going to fair well. This film was so much better then most Lifetime movies I’ve seen lately. Lead actress (Megan Ashley Brown) did a stellar job as Michelle, her emotions and portrayal of someone addicted to drugs was on point. The chemistry between Michelle and Katherine (Laurie Fortier) was very strong. High school mean girl, Keri (Angelina Folino) also did an amazing job making me really not like her. Nice to see strong actors and good directing on Lifetime, hope it becomes a pattern for them.

High school smarty club has big problems!

Michelle, part of a student club, has a driven coach who pressures them to excel at any cost creates plenty of issues! Will she quit the team or stay? You will have to tune in to find out. This wasn’t anything special but worth one watch. Always enjoy Laurie Fortier, a Lifetime regular!

MovieDog is a Dog who is so wrong!

One of the BEST LIFETIME stories ever!! Fantastic acting, I did not expect the acting to be so good! Happily surprised. The story follows a young girl and her Decathlon team. Drugs come into play and we get suspense and death. Lifetime did a great job with this one! Mom and daughter’s relationship was very believable and heartfelt.