Mommy’s Deadly Con Artist (2021)


Mommy’s Deadly Con Artist Storyline

After Denise, loses her husband, she is determined to find who did it, which leads her to tracking down Stephanie and her “mother.”

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Mommy’s Deadly Con Artist Movie Reviews

Hard to watch

Mommy’s Deadly Con Artist…. Dumb movie, waste of film. On a lighter note, this movie proves that anyone can get a job as an actor, even if they live several towns away. And, anyone else can get a job as a writer. Although the plot had potential, it failed.


This movie was absolutely a waste of time. The acting was totally horrendous…almost funny at times. I just can’t believe I wasted 90 minutes of my life that I can never get back.

Should have been called “Deceived by My Mother-In-Law Part 2”

Story picked up with the ending of “Deceived by My Mother-In-Law”, and brought back Dey Young, Jackee Harry, and Rib Hillis’ characters. (Michael Pare was brought back in a flashback.)

However, this story seemed a little flat and unconvincing.

Look for –

1. Dey Young’s character (Maggie) walking around in pants that look painted on – honey, that doesn’t look too good on folks that are 65-ish.

2. Chelsea Gilson’s outfits throughout the movie – very sexy for someone who’s supposed to be with child.

3. Jackee Harry – she appeared to be billed in a starring role by her screen time was minimal.

4. Eric Roberts playing a sleazebag doctor.

5. The LAME ending – it looks like it was tacked on.

LMN, please do not continue the con-artist mommy movies – – maybe try con-artist DADDIES!.