Caught in the Crossfire (2010)

26% – Critics
26% – Audience

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Caught in the Crossfire Movie Reviews

Not what one might expect.

This movie had no particular agenda, really, which in itself, is great. It didn’t pretend, just proceeded to assemble the parts of a down-to-earth crime story. This gritty drama possesses a sense of validity that its glossy, slick, higher-budget counterparts often lack. This made for a refreshing difference. Lots of surprises from a well-written story that builds the plot deliberately.

Adam Rodriguez, of CSI Miami fame, did an excellent job of acting. We’re accustomed to expect this from him, but for some reason a lot of television actors encounter difficulty doing as well in movies. Better-than-decent acting, and excellent “street feel”, added to the production values by 50 Cent.

I particularly enjoyed the local flavor of the Michigan scenery. Felt almost like New England, in some ways. I had to give a look at the production information to tell where it was shot, to be certain. There was no overuse of cop-props, or crash scenes, but still plenty of action as things unfolded. I think the whole cast, and everyone involved, deserve a “pat on the back” and congrats for this one. Worth a watch, even two.

Over acted over dramatic but a suspenseful movie

5 means I got what I asked for but I wouldn’t watch it again. Like any other good/bad cop drama this is about a good cop being killed by a group of dirty cops. The investigation reveals the good cop wasn’t so good and the dirty cops not so bad. the suspense is a lie, see the real deal is this is a vehicle for two pretty-boy actors one slapstick gross-out comedy and the other carrying David CARUSO’s water on CSI to dig into their acting chops. They brood, they shout, they overact, in the most plainest I can do more, you won’t write the script so we stole the script mode. but all in all i liked it, it was an enjoyable movie if it was a book it’d be a page turner. 50cent was in the movie if only for 10 seconds. He probably got paid more than both the leading men combined for the 10 seconds of him grimacing and slurring.if I were them I’d chip in half my salary to him because people are watching for him.

Soft boiled

Caught in the Crossfire is a straight to DVD movie with 50 Cent who has a high billing but in reality has a minor role although he is also one of the producers.

This is a low budget by the numbers crime drama told in dull flashback about corrupt cops and bad guys. It goes back and forth between a shootout by some cops and a debriefing interview with their superiors who might not be on the straight and narrow. You can guess it has shades of The Usual Suspects by using this narrative device.

Chris Klein is the star who briefly seemed to be heading for the big time over a decade ago when the American Pie films were released but it turned out he was another bland wannabee.

Caught in the Crossfire is just about watchable but is badly acted and clichéd and is nowhere near to be the hard boiled thriller it aspires to be.