Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong (2021)


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Set in 1973, Hong Kong. The Hong Kong governor sets up Independent Commission Against Corruption to deal with corrupt police and sinister gang. Two prosecutors join and lead the team to investigate and arrest the chief Chinese inspector Tsui Lok, and gang boss Crippled Ho.—Movie God

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Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong Movie Reviews

Strong cast but weak story line

Set in 1973, with an emphasis of the corruptions in police enforcement in Hong Kong and the establishment of ICAC. Honestly, this can be a much better movie, but it just feel that the story is on a surface level, there was not a lot of depth into the characters. I cannot delve myself into the plot and this makes the movie unbearable. Movie should affect your emotions, and the good ones will enlight some part of you, and this is definitely not one of those.