Building a Bridge (2021)


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Named after the book by Father James Martin, Building a Bridge follows a priest on his journey to make the Catholic Church more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, despite loud opposition from both inside and outside the Church.

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All persons deserve dignity with respect, compassion and sensitivity

As a Catholic Sister with family members, friends, colleagues, former students who are LGBTQ+, I find the film “Building a Bridge” an honest way to educate myself & to invite others to learn about the rejection & often “stamping out” of dear loved ones by those of us who call ourselves Christian. The beauty of this film is that it inspired me to proactively reach out with “respect, compassion, sensitivity” to LGTB+ persons. The film documents a Christ-like love by Father James Martin and others for the LGTB+ community. The film also includes voices showing an unwelcoming view of LGTBQ+ persons.

Profoundly and Excellent

The haters and indifferent should watch this movie.

Firstly, Fr Martin is the best example out there today of a person spreading the Gospel. He is finding people who are hurt but want the joy of the Gospel, and no offense but when Catholicism is done right, there is nothing better.

So Fr Martin is doing it right, and the joy to our brothers and sisters in Christ is amazing.

Then there are the haters. A word on people who flip out on the topic of gays: every one of them is so clearly a gay person who is repressing his feelings… thus the anger. The flamboyance is also laughably clear. It was downright funny seeing these people… male protesters on the street wearing sashes, the Militant Catholic guy… you have to see his haircut. And he shows off his sword… not at all phallic./s

So this is a great, feel-good documentary. Fr Martin is highly intelligent, a true example of the kind of person Jesus told us to be, and he forgives people who should have their computer blow up in their face (but only for comedy, not to injure them). There are many emotional feel-good moments in the film.

My joke: the pic of Pope F & Fr Jim, I said “hey, there’s a pic of Pope Francis with a cardboard Fr Jim!” everyone laughed.

Speaking truth about God’s Love

A balanced and insightful documentary. It is tragic that Jesus message of love and mercy isn’t what we share with the LGTBQ community – and anyone for that matter. Fr James Martin is a role model in prayerful discernment, of following where the Holy Spirit calls him to be. This is what Jesus modeled for us. Inspiring and hopeful! Thank you for writing this book and I hope that many hear and take to heart the knowledge that Gods love is already theirs.