UFO (2022)

38% – Critics
38% – Audience

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UFO Movie Reviews

One word; Cringe

Just one word to summerize this thing, and its CRINGE. As a turk I feelt so emberrased for my fellow country men and women. On one hand they are able to produce interesting series like Fatma. On other hand, this type of weird cringy movies. Everything from the way the girs and the boys talked to the cheezy scenarious and uncool motorbike scenes.

Waste of time…

After you watch 20 min of the film, you are able to understand what will be happen…I am not able to understand why Netflix spending money on this type of movies… One more things, I watched main character interviews and looked like they are not happy about the film as well. I think they agreed because of money)

Why why why?

Why is this Called UFO if theirs no UFO or aliens!? Smh.

I watched like 30 mins of this and decided i had seen enough, weak acting, terrible story and overall just a bad production job.