Hospital (2020)

100% – Critics
74% – Audience

Hospital Storyline

A grieving wife and the sister of of a nurse paid two Tao priests to commune with the spirits of their deceased loved ones in a famous haunted hospital.

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Hospital Movie Reviews

Amateur level acting, especially the female lead

Besides the actors for the two priests, all of the remaining cast members have next to zero acting credits prior to this movie and it really shows. Rumor had it that the female lead was only casted because the director was her boyfriend at the time. She had ONE credit before this movie, a role in a TV movie. And her lack of experience totally shows in her performance. Every line she delivered sounded like a low budget TV show. Knowing that her only previous work was a TV movie, that kind of made sense. But it also means she sounded totally out of place with the rest of the cast. They should have dubbed over her natural voice acting so that the audience didn’t have to hear her speak.

Besides the acting problem, the story line was too forced as well. The main female character repeatedly insisted to talk to the spirit of her deceased husband without any explanation for most of the movie, despite of several near death encounters with hostile ghosts in the haunted hospital. But what does she do? Continue to risk EVERYONE’S lives just to talk to her husband. She would even risk her own life just to talk to him. And we finally find out why near the end of the movie what was so important, she wanted to tell her deceased husband that she is pregnant with their child! WTF!!!??? She doesn’t even bat an eye at the thought that if she dies, their child, the ONLY thing her husband would have left for them, will also die. Nope. Not a single mention. No worry about the life of their unborn baby. Then the timing is all wrong too. The hospital looked like it had been shut down for months, if not years. But she doesn’t look pregnant AT ALL! She should be nearly done with her pregnancy if not already given birth by the look of decay of the hospital. But nope. Her stomach is as flat as a normal person so she can’t be more than 3 months pregnant. There is just no way the closed down hospital could look that terrible in those short months.

The reason they wanted to make the hospital look like it had been closed down for years because at the movie is a frame story. At beginning and ending of the movie, we are actually at “present” time. A Vlogger is introducing this haunted hospital, and we find out at the very end that her cameraman was scared away by the ghosts of the Tao priests and their two patrons, meaning that the whole story we had been watching happened a while ago and, BIG TWIST, they had all died. But this created a discontinuity in how the hospital looks and the pregnancy status of the main female character.

Besides a few jump scares, this movie wasn’t all that scary. Half the time it’s too dark to see anything anyway. Much of the $1 million budget is on special effects. They really should have spent more on improving the script and hiring a real actress instead of the girlfriend of the director.


Not good at all don’t waste your time.

Weak story.

Ignore the low reviews

Honestly too many people these days expect every movie to win a golden globe and have the top of the line special effects (hence the negative/lame reviews) If you are a serious fan of all horror genres (from slasher to B movie to ghost and found footage) then you will enjoy this movie. Personally I liked this movie. Obviously it isn’t going to win any awards and after all the reviews I expected it to be garbage like Hell House 2. However, I was pleasantly surprised and actually enjoyed it. Any movie set in an abandoned hospital or psych ward is already off to a good start and the premise is not bad. Ya certain things like the time line and some acting/effects are not perfect but what do you honestly expect from a low budget horror? If you can go into this movie with a love of horror, no expectations, and an open mind you might actually enjoy it.