Tausend Zeilen (2022)


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Star reporter Lars Bogenius is a respected journalist and knows how to wow his readers and critics with emotional reportage. Emotional, realistic and moving, his style regularly promises to win him the industry’s most coveted awards. His publishing house is also grateful to the exceptional journalist, because the paper’s numbers are sinking and are being cushioned by Bogenius’ reportage, among other things. Everything sounds too good to be true – at least that’s the opinion of freelance journalist Juan Romero, who takes on the inconsistencies and looks deeper behind Bogenius’ research and reportage. It’s a dangerous plan that faces numerous obstacles. But what he discovers turns out to be the biggest journalism scandal in Germany.—TMDB

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Tausend Zeilen Movie Reviews

Pretentious & Cliché’d Snoozefest of Epic Proportions

This movie uses cliché’d cinematics to try to bolster a weak and boring story, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if it didn’t fail horribly in doing so.

It’s like the producers and directors had a list of boxes to check, and closed their eyes and pointed to scenes and used them at random. So it’s like a pretentious student film. Casting is also cliché’d and acting poor to mediocre for the most part.

This could’ve been a good film (if the script were a bit better), and I imagine it will end up in some film-school course on how not to make a movie.

It’s remarkable that it got theatre distribution in its country of origin. I guess the theatres there are desperate for content.

Story has potential but the movie ends up boring

A story with a lot of potential ends up being extremely boring and relying on weird effects.

Apparently the writers and director realized that the characters lack any depth and tried to make sure no one falls asleep watching it by using lots of narration, slow motion and breaking the fourth wall. None of it is necessary or manages to make the movie interesting.

Most characters are caricatures and therefor have little depth that could make them interesting to watch.

At least there is some self-awareness of the absolute snoozefest of a film when the movie shows us an ending that is more interesting than the actual ending.

Wonderful story, wonderful cinematography, wonderful music

I really enjoyed this movie! It has an amazing message and story that is told with Humor and very cool scenes! The music was also very well chosen and the overall implementation was soo good!

It has great tension and is enjoyable and fun to watch every second of it!

I’m usually very critical of German movies and productions, but this one has a great flair and amazing cinematography!

I love how a lot of scenarios were filmed, even though there were only imaginable events! It made the look of the movie very different and more dramatic and exciting.

Especially the topic and overall message that you can’t trust everything you read and you should always be cautious what you believe.

I definitely recommend to watch it!