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A young woman enters a Christmas tree decorating contest to honor the memory of her mother, only to discover that the competition includes her recently-widowered high school sweetheart, and his adorable 10-year-old daughter.

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Love at the Christmas Contest Movie Reviews

An amateur production.

The locations were ok, but not many of them. I assume this was a small budget movie and they couldn’t afford a better known lead actress and actor. The pair have no chemistry and that makes this production look like an amateur stage play, directed by someone with no directing experience. The best actors were the supporting ones, stand outs Triana Browne and Colleen Elizabeth Miller.

The script – plot and dialog are bad, snooze material starting with the tree decorating contest which was boring. If the script and direction were better it could have helped this movie and the actors. I wasn’t looking for an award winning production, just something that doesn’t look like a B/C level movie.

Pretty vanilla

When I heard GAC had come along and was presenting itself as a clear, family-friendly alternative to all the wokeness going on at Hallmark these days, I was happy about it. I still am.

And it’s only natural that it would take some time to get up to speed with the casts and scripts and crews necessary to make good movies, so I cut them some slack. You have to walk before you can run.

This, then, is one of those fledgling efforts.

High school boyfriend, a widower with an adorable and precocious daughter is in town for the holidays. Paths cross with a nursery owner who’s recently lost her mom. She enters a tree decorating contest to honor her, only to discover the ex and daughter have entered too.

Commence bonding, near-miss episodes of physical affection, misunderstanding and resolution.

The lead actress is sweet, but the male model lead is a little stiff, and there is little chemistry between them. Daughter is adorable, and the requisite relationship-pushing best friend has some good moments as well.

The theme of the decorating contest is the meaning of Christmas. Not to give anything away, but Charlie Brown knew something these people don’t.

I guess there’s still a gap between family friendly and Christian themes.

A so-so effort, but I would still encourage them to continue their noble quest.

Boring, but with lots of amusing things to watch

Watchable and family-friendly, but boring.

Except for the funny friend, and all the strange scenes that were off and made us laugh.

Who would try to wrap a present like that??!! You would have to see that scene to believe it.

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