Come Back Home (2022)


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A man loses his son while travelling in the snowy mountains.

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Come Back Home Movie Reviews

For fans of Donnie Yen, and snowy family drama trillers….

A rare purely dramatic role for action star Donnie Yen (though Big Brother from a few years ago had him as a teacher, but that did have action as well), Come Back Home allows Yen to flex his acting chops and shine. Really just a family drama, Yen elevates the proceedings just by being Donnie with his intensity. It’s also great to hear his own voice in Mandarin. Production values are decent, capturing the snowy cinematography. Overall a nice departure from the usual Donnie kicking ass and taking names all the time. It’s definitely worth a viewing, though replay value is not so much as it’s not one of those movies where you can keep watching over and over (like Yen’s other action movies).

Production value is good the story and main cast is not

Donnie Yens more or less first non fighting film is quite non sensible and unbelievable. The acting of Ten is quite okay, but his “wife” is really acting bad. The supporting cast is doing a good job. The story is, when you are parent, quite unbelievable. On a road trip Yen and his family are trying to go to Tian lake. The son gets into an argument with Yen and he leaves him alone and the family drives off with Lele. When they return Lele is lost and is nowhere to be found.

If you still think this a believable story, your beliefs will be tested even further as the movie goes along, coming up with crazier/dinner plot developments.

Hallmark romantic movies are more credible than this.