Întregalde (2021)

88% – Critics
40% – Audience

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Întregalde Movie Reviews

A delightful slice of life

… and like real life, the slice in question is jumbled. The movie uses the premise of a (relatively short) disruption in the routine of its main characters to make the audience think through questions of morality and life’s tradeoffs, as the story unfolds. I chuckle when I see other reviewers accusing the movie of being “too predictable” – that is not the case. No terrible things happen as a result of the characters’ occasional bad decisions, like they would in any other garden variety horror/action movie with the same setting. More like in real life, things end up being ok and life moves on.

The director takes us up close and personal to experience the anxiety and the humanity of the three main characters. Even when their decisions are not ideal when judged from the comfort of our LazyBoys, we follow why the characters do what they do. The movie depicts two worlds, one affluent, fast, and a tad self-righteous. The other is slow, stuck in time, and poor – but clinging to survive with dignity and be self-sufficient. Normally these two worlds whirl by each other with only superficial points of contact. But because of an unplanned turn of events, people from one world are stuck with people from the other – and with each other. The superficiality of the human contact in the modern world starts to come into relief, if only for one night, and people are forced to have actual interactions and make uncomfortable decisions.

I can see how the ending can elicit strong reactions from people in need of closure. To me, it said very powerfully “… and life moves on”. The past 24 hours, as uncomfortable as they were, will be no more than an interesting safari story told time and time again at cocktail parties.

The absolute delight in this movie (and I left that for desert!) was the character Kente (and of course the man who played Kente). It’s unbelievable how a real life woodcutter with no formal training delivers such a strong performance. I would be the first to nominate him for best performance in a supporting role… Even for that performance alone (but of course, not only), you must see this film for yourself!

All natural!

The movie tells the story of 3 friends stuck in the muds of helping secluded villagers somewhere in Romania (although this could happen anywhere).

The director and screenwriters have the grace not to force anything. The people are real, what happens is real, the dialogue is real and beautifully deliverd by the actors. For Romanians, the dialogue is especially savory as it’s perfectly mirroring how we speak to one another.

The character of Kente is very well assimilated into the screenplay. We can feel that the “actor” was directed to bring himself into the story and that is both surprising and delightful.

The film is a comedy although no jokes are made. It’s also a drama.

The creators shed no judgment on what happens and leave their audience with a lot of things to ponder upon.

Lovely, lovely film!

Stressful, scenic parable

This is not a horror movie, though at times it resembles one: Darkened woods, coarse locals, rusty things, wolves (possibly), a lack of cell service, plenty of bickering, dwindling food.

The scenery is lovely until it is not and turns on the barely likable protagonists. I spent much of the movie stressing over their choices, concepts of charity, and, interestingly, their ignorance. Sometimes you want to applaud the effort they put into providing aid to those who need it, but more often you scoff when they remark about iPads or sodomy or test-driving a Range Rover.

Or when you realize that the bags of supplies they are handing out are unnecessarily difficult to open.

I liked it. It was grating, though, and now that it made its points I don’t think I’d watch it again. But still recommended.