Cupids on Beacon Street (2021)

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As the copy editor at established publishing house, Romantic Reads, Eve loves her job – even though she does not actually believe in true love or the theory of romance. When her bestselling novelists – a couple named Arthur and Ruth – decide to take an extended holiday to celebrate Valentine’s Day, she agrees to housesit and looks forward to a fresh, new setting where she can focus on editing their latest book. However, Arthur and Ruth’s nephew and self-help coach Jake has also been promised their home to host daily romantically themed workshops. Eve reluctantly agrees to the shared space and decides to partner with Jake for each workshop with the hope of finding inspiration while she works on the novel. At first it is very apparent that she and Jake are complete opposites, but they soon find themselves becoming closer and ultimately, a very unexpected couple – one potentially worthy of a romance novel.

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Cupids on Beacon Street Movie Reviews

Great entertainment.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Actors and storyline were great. OK the usual sort of plot but done better than in many other instances. Can I feel a series coming on? That would be fun. Worth viewing.

Loved this movie.

The actors, the story, were all very good. It had a nice build up to the characters romance instead of most of these type of movies where they are instantly in love. Very enjoyable and upbeat.

Passionless Couple on Beacon St.

I thought it was miscast, in that most of the actors were the wrong ages for the characters they were portraying, except for the romance novelist couple. The writing could have been a bit more dynamic also, as many of the characters came of as after flat. The main character could have had more of a back story besides her parents getting divorced. She doesn’t mention any former boyfriend, or current boyfriend, at the beginning of the film.

The marriage counselor doesn’t tell you anything except he was engaged but it didn’t work out. Eve’s girlfriend at the publishing company doesnt bring up much about what she knows about Eve’s past dating life. The publisher or Senior Editor seems rather indifferent to things, except to call about the rewrite that Eve is working on.

It almost seems like nobody talks to anybody, except for what you see depicted on screen.

It’s nice to see the couple get together at the end, but it didn’t seem to resemble real life, in that nobody was very passionate, about very much, and was just going thru the motions.

Don’t know if filming in the early part of the COVID pandemic had much the lack of passion, but perhaps it could have.