The Darkness Outside (2022)


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Horrible in EVERY Way

So this movie is really bad.

First of all it’s slow. And it doesnt need to be because it runs nearly 2 hours and the hands of a capable director it could have been cut to 80 and tightened.

But the director is an abject amateur. Really should not be making movies.

There is no tension whatsoever in this movie, which is slower than mollasses.

Plus, the acting is sub-par.

Don’t bother. It’s a poorly made bore.

How is this rated 7????

Bored from the moment I started watching it. Horrible acting couldn’t stand to complete watching it. Seems like a first time for the directors and actors. Hence I have it a 3 star for effort. Other than that seems a waste of time.

Sincere effort hampered by plodding script

Clearly the writer and the performers are trying to convey a lot of deep feeling here, but there’s no real spark. The story moves like molasses for an unsupportable length of just shy of two hours. There are a few bright spots that are almost interesting, but they’re swallowed up by an opaque plot and a lot of rambling dialogue that required the services of an objective editor.