Teketeke (2009)


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A young girl learns of the urban legend of Teketeke after her friend is killed in a gruesome way. The legend tells of a female ghost that has no legs. When she visits the spot where her friend died she comes into contact with Teketeke but manages to escape. The legend says she’ll die in 3 days and now has to dig deeper to find the secrets behind the legend that can save her.—TheUnbeholden

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Teketeke Movie Reviews

Cringiest movie ever

I really love to watch a good urban legend based horror movie. Lights Out. Kuchisake-onna. Teke-Teke.

Or at least, I expected Teke-Teke to be somewhat good. The story of a woman’s torso going around Japan cutting people in half, and two desperate girls trying to break a curse. It sounds like quite a lot of Asian / Japanese horror movies, but this one has potential. It was based off of one of the most famous Japanese urban legends of all time! This legend was so famous, people use to avoid train stations if they could go with other people after dark. It held districts in fear.

And that fear was exactly what I was looking for within this movie. Maybe it’s my own fault for holding so many expectations, many of which were high – but this really didn’t do it for me at all.

The acting was relatively well done in most moments when needed, but there were many times it just didn’t come through. The characters do something insufferable that sometimes leads to death and you’re just left staring at the screen like “Were you born naturally stupid or did you have sections of your brain removed?” That’s part of this that I’m pretty sure I lost IQ points watching. It’s generic horror movie dumbness but it seemed even more rampant throughout this and I assume that’s down to the characters not being believable as people.

The CGI was painfully to watch, especially as Teke-Teke starts jumping around. It’s meant to be tense scenes that have you sat on the edge of your seat, but you just sit there laughing at how purely ridiculous it looks. Now props to the editors and everyone, this did come out in 2009 when CGI wasn’t as great – but it was still a degree better than it was in the film and it seriously could have been better.

It’s been months since I saw this movie and I can still write a coherent review on how bad it actually was, that’s alarming.

Overall, if you’re here to watch something scary, give Teke-Teke a skip. However if you’re here to watch something comedy, give Teke-Teke a try. They were in the ballpark with this movie, but in the complete wrong state. Comedic in general, not as horrifying and scary as you would think and a bit of a let down to the original urban legend.

Idol Horror movie

This film has two dimensions, as an idol movie and a horror movie. Typically these two do not mix, but it did for me in this case.

Teketeke is an urban legend of a woman with no lower body who chops anyone who turns around into half.

Ooshima Yuuko, the girl who played the leading role is in AKB48, a ridiculously large (48 members) idol band, but her acting was very good, just like Maeda Atsuko in “How to Become Myself”, a fellow AKB48 member. Of course, she’s very cute, but what I really liked about her was her unique voice. Although AKB48 is an extremely stupid band that releases really horrible songs in my opinion, I am looking forward to more movies starring its members.

“Teketeke” is a typical Japanese horror movie. It’s scary, but not so much that I can’t sleep at night. Girls get chopped into half, but not overly gory and gross. Just perfect for me in every way. All the victims being really beautiful women and cute girls is an added bonus. The people who made this movie must have been pervs, but I must also be a perv too for liking it.

The balance of horror (scary parts) and everyday life (introduction, mourning, researching on the monster etc) was perfect. Overall great direction and production that maintains the suspense throughout the film.

This movie may not stand out among hundreds of other Japanese horror movies, but it’s my absolute favorite.

Urban Legend movie that is poorly executed.

I do think the story is pretty interesting on how it’s based on a Japanese urban legend that I never heard of. The movie does a good job on explaining the myth of the spirit and the backstory of her. The opening of the movie actually does a good job on building up the suspense when the spirit first appeared. And I like how the movie doesn’t show the spirit face until the end.

Unfortunately the movie contains a couple of flaws to it. The movie feels similar to other supernatural movies with the characters trying to find answers about the myth. The creepiness factor feels really weak because things happened way too quickly and there isn’t that much suspense after the opening. I also find the climax to be poor because it feels really anticlimactic at the end. And I felt the movie could be a little bit more longer to make the movie more creepier.