Hanger (2009)

  • Year: 2009
  • Released: 17 Nov 2009
  • Country: Canada
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  • IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1391469/
  • Rotten Tomatoes: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/hanger
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Writer: Ryan Nicholson, Patrick Coble
  • Director: Ryan Nicholson
  • Cast: Debbie Rochon, Dan Ellis, Nathan Dashwood, Ronald Patrick Thompson
  • Keywords: rape,
26% – Critics
26% – Audience

Hanger Storyline

Pulled into this world to take you out! A horrifying tale of revenge…beginning with a back-alley abortion and ending with a bloodbath so vicious that it brings a new meaning to “an eye for eye”. From pimps to dealers, from hookers and junkies…”Hanger” washes the filth away with their own blood, cleaning the streets and making way for the ultimate showdown of good vs. evil. Diving headfirst into the depths of human depravity, Plotdigger Films plans on turning the world of horror inside out and letting it all hang out to dry! [D-Man2010]

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Hanger Movie Reviews


Ryan Nicholson’s follow up to his cult hit Gutterballs concerns an 18 year old who was hideously scarred after being pulled from the vagina of his prostitute mother by her sadistic pimp. Leroy(Ronald Patrick Thompson)leaves his pregnant whore(played in an unflattering role by Debbie Rochon) lying on a bed in a pool of her own blood and dumps her offspring in a garbage can. Hanger(Nathan Dashwood), as he is affectionately labeled, is taken under the wing of his dead mother’s former john(Dan Ellis)and given a job in a scrapyard where he forms a friendly bond with a chinaman, Russell(Wade Gibb). A wheezing freak named Phil(Alastair Gamble)also works at the scrapyard and he has hostile homosexual urges that will soon be met when he drugs Hanger and Russell, sodomizing them. There is also the daughter of the scrapyard owner, Nicole(the unbelievably hot Candice Lewald)who gets all hot and bothered when alone in his office. Meanwhile, we learn that the john who has removed Hanger from his squalidly existence is indeed his pops and vows to get even with Leroy for killing Rose(Rochon). Well, the humor is as crude as it gets and the movie puts major emphasis on unpleasant sexual content that may provide more discomfort than laughs, unless your tastes are of the lowest quality possible. There’s, for instance, a scene where Phil “rods” the puss-oozing orifice in Hanger’s hip shortly after anally raping Russell. Russell has an unsavory fetish for Nicole’s tampons. Most of the characters are buried under heavy prosthetic make-up to look as ghastly and dysfunctional as possibly with personalities to match. Leroy, in particular, is a loathsome cretin who makes everyone’s life miserable. Actually, no one in the film is of much worth, because even Hanger, an obvious victim of extraordinarily unfortunate circumstances, destroys a Jehovah’s witness by tearing off her breasts and eating out her insides with his ferocious, badly mangled teeth. The photography and audio of the movie are of an inferior quality making Hanger look very reminiscent to a Henenlotter vehicle, except less funny and more obnoxious. Many of the cast members from Gutterballs return in Hanger, barely recognizable under their sickening disguises. Lots of fake penis and the fetus removal which produces the horrifying result of Hanger is shown in grisly, elaborate detail. Only for audiences whose demands for trash know no bounds.

Needs penetration.

A clothes-hanger abortion survivor? Whoa! Who’s turned into a blood-thirsty freak? Whoa mama! Graphic nudity? Mama mia! It’s directed by Ryan Nicholson? Oh…hmmm…I guess I’ll check it out.

I’ve gotta admit, even though this flick seems to have all the ingredients to sound like a pretty sweet and f’ed up flick, it’s almost a chore to watch. Scratch that. It is a chore to watch. My biggest issue was how the story played out. The pacing was horrendous. Mix that with a cast of entirely unlikeable characters and bingo, a chore. And why are the characters unlikeable? Well, you can blame that on the amateur acting, and subpar writing. Just like Ryan’s past movies he seems to not have a problem with giving his actors full reign of their characters. And when you have actors who aren’t so hot at acting, it more than likely ends up being like this.

A thought that popped in my head a few times while watching this was how close it came to becoming a porno. And actually how it even felt like a porn flick at times. Ryan, you add some penetration to these films, and you’ll instantly become the best horror porn director ever. Or at least the best working at the moment. Maybe think about it, eh?

There aren’t many film-makers out there that are as carefree and in love with the horror genre as Mr. Nicholson, and that is the sole reason I keep seeing his movies. I hope instead of sticking to human horror he tackles something a bit more ‘traditional’, but leaving his trademark sickness to it. A creature feature or a big foot movie, but with the works.

Hanger was a gross, sleazy, dirty flick that should have been a crazy fun time, but ended up being boring, unlikeable, and felt like it tried much too hard to be funny and shocking. The handful of disgusting scenes and graphic nudity can only go so far.

p.s. Edward Lee’s Bighead just called you a copycat.

You got to be kidding me

I guess I qualify to fit the target group of this movie, after all I have seen previous movies by Nicholson and “Gutterballs” was real fun. Sure, all his movies have a trashy flair and the sexual shocking was there every time… but “Hanger” is a different thing. You can describe this movie like a cross between “Street Trash” and some stupid 70ies Revenge Movie. Basically this could guarantee some interesting 90 minutes for fans of Movies like Pulp Fiction/Boondock Saints and underground horror. But what Nicholson delivers here qualifies for the Troma Catalog in one of the lowest drawers.

The movie is set in the dirty red light district and revolves around a prostitute who gets a back alley abortion with a clothes-hanger by her pimp (is that guy supposed to be black or what… since the Chinese guy is barely Chinese I guess tough guy Leroy is a non-black black guy??). So you get were the title comes from which is also the name of the aborted monstrosity walking the street with a deformed face, a stoma, baby-talk and toy rabbits. Now Mr. Hanger meets his father (like most characters with serious prosthetic work on his face and especially nose) and they plot some rough revenge. Funny thing is that this “plot” always tends to be dropped on the sidelines for some lame masturbation or gay sex jokes as well as ridiculous soft-core sequences of some meaningless chick (I don’t get her deeper idea for the plot) working her snatch in her office.

All this leads up to one of the most ridiculous shoot outs in movie history (let me guess…. Mr Nicholson liked Boondock Saints very much but really took a deep dive here)that like everything in the movie is thrown in a pot and blended to a tasteless mush. Basically all you get is tasteless jokes about deformed retards (all those back alley hicks reminded me a lot of “Street Trash” yet “Hangers” stretches it much further), you get some guy collecting tampons and making tea out of it, a gay retard using hangers stoma for a fun ride, fart jokes, prosthetic dicks with cartoon “boing” samples, some killed prostitutes and a torture sequence with a blowtorch (Hmm, reminds me of something else) which is like many of the not so many gory moments in this movie plain ridiculous. The way the scenes are bound together and especially the dialog come across like written by a retarded horny 16year old writing a script with his dick in his hand.

Come on Mr. Nicholson… there is a boundary to stupidity on a level that the viewer feels ashamed for the director and you crossed it. The ending of your movie deserves to enter the halls of trash to serve as a warning of how it should never be done.