A Stitch in Time (2022)


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When Liebe’s partner Duncan loses his job singing at the local pub, Liebe throws herself into helping Duncan realise his dream to record an album. Inspired by Hamish, Liebe decides to make clothes again to support Duncan financially, but quickly reignites a long-forgotten passion for her craft. With Duncan intent on shutting down her dreams, Liebe packs her bags and moves in with her best friend Christine, and her unsuspecting husband Justin, to reclaim her life and discover where she belongs.

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A Stitch in Time Movie Reviews

Not just about sewing

I had a few friends and family members who didn’t see this movie because they thought it would be all about sewing. When I went to the cinema with my mum (yes, we both sew) there were 8 women in total watching it. Well, it’s about sewing as much as “The Wrestler” was about wrestling or “Black Swan” was about ballet. It is an excellent drama about an older woman who gets a new lease on life in her 60’s – she happens to have been a dressmaker earlier in her life. I won’t spoil it for you – please do yourself a favour and don’t miss this Australian gem with excellent actors and a great story!

Really excellent

My wife wanted us to see it and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Great acting. Great story. Deserves a much wider release. The message is that it’s never too late. I don’t know Sasha Haddon but I see from the credits that she/he wrote, directed, produced, edited and a bunch of other stuff. Worthy of an award.


You would do yourself a great disservice to miss out on seeing this Movie.

It is not about sewing, rather what happens when you decide to follow your passions and dreams, and believe that ‘your audience’ is yourself.

This movie is a great teacher in that it is clever, wonderfully funny, inspirationally emotional and touching work of Australian art.

I have seen this movie twice now and could watch it again and again. With each time learning more about the importance and frailness of life/living, the importance of removing barriers/stigmas/judgements, and understanding mortality humanity.

This is the story about of everyone’s life. It is a mature movie for all ages that no person should miss.

Congratulations to all involved and thank you for bringing such a refreshingly great piece of work us – your audience. Very inspiring.