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Mac Sullivan’s job as a New York City marketer is threatened as many of her clients have gone to the likes of Jasmine, a social media influencer who is less expensive and they believing just as effective at reaching their end goal of exposure. Despite these work problems, Mac is called back home to Sweet Grove, where she has not been since her mother’s funeral several years ago, when her longtime best friend, pediatrician Olivia Davis, informs her that she has moved up her wedding to her childhood sweetheart and fellow pediatrician Stuart Hampstead from nine months away to two weeks away. In not going back to Sweet Grove all these years, Mac has been able to avoid seeing Dylan, a former boyfriend, which will be unavoidable as Mac’s father, Elliot Sullivan, hired Dylan to work at his maple tree farm in needing help due to health issues, as Dylan is both Olivia’s cousin and Stuart’s best friend/best man, and as Stuart and Olivia have asked Dylan to assist Mac in the wedding planning. In spending time together, both Mac and Dylan could admit admit to him or herself that there is still an attraction between them. Beyond needing to overcome their big city versus small town differences to have a happily ever after, they may not be able to overcome some other issues, including what Mac learns about the state of the tree farm, and if she uses the wedding to boost her professional profile as a means to save her job.—Huggo

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Where Your Heart Belongs Movie Reviews

My heart did not belong to this movie

This was a disappointing effort and even the amazingly handsome, charming Christopher Russell could not save this one. Jen Lilley can act but why is she constantly given these roles of giggling, silly, insecure women. She was so rude and obnoxious to her best friend and pretty much everyone else in the movie. And a note to Hallmark production staff – hire a tree specialist! You cannot tap a cedar tree and if you could we would be awash with maple syrup here on Van. Island. Ours comes from Quebec. Sugar Maples grow in the East. Also, in many of the Christmas movies they had Douglas fir growing/sold in Eastern towns. This tree grows in the Pacific Northwest. And you cannot just walk through the woods and find a perfectly cultured tree. It takes years of clipping. How hard is it to get this information correct?? The ending was predictable and from reading the other reviews, most of us were quite happy when it was over.

Really bad story and script

I wanted to like this movie because I like the two leads but the story was soooo bland. I watched all of it which was painful but I was just hoping it would get better.

Unfortunately, it never did. These leads have to learn to turn down bad scripts and save us from these dumb storylines.

Truly unlikeable

The latest theme for rom/coms seems to be about influencers. So, take Mac as an influencer and put her into the role as a wedding planner for her best friend. Mac selfishly hijacks her best friend’s “simple” wedding in order to save her career. Then she makes a lot of assumptions about her dad, his farm, and Dylan based on no facts and proceeds to insult everyone. All of this continues until so late in the movie, that as far as I’m concerned, anything she did to try to redeem herself was too little, too late. But wait! This is Hallmark. So, miracles happen.

I feel sorry for Dylan that he still loves this horrible woman. He should run far and fast in the other direction.