Evil Bong 2: King Bong (2009)

24% – Critics
24% – Audience

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A Dumb Movie, Perfect as a Sequel to Another Dumb Movie

The crew from “Evil Bong” have come down with exaggerated symptoms of marijuana use: the munchies, sleepiness and lowered inhibitions. But the bong is destroyed… what to do? Well, why not track it down to its source and eradicate the evil once and for all?

I’m not going to lie: the first “Evil Bong” was stupid, but I still really enjoyed it. It had a good pace, plenty of humor, gorgeous women and some decent cameos from Tommy Chong and Bill Moseley. So, all in all, it was a decent film by Full Moon standards. With that in mind, I felt “Evil Bong 2” had potential…

Well, it does alright, but comes up a bit short. The effects are even more poor (though the fat suit looks cool). There are still hot girls (Amy Paffrath as Velicity, Robin Sydney as Luann and the Poon-Tang Tribe). But no cameos, and once you cut out the credits and introduction, the film is maybe only an hour long. The “king bong” is not really much of an adversary. Perhaps Full Moon should consider doing a film of the week on television? Or a 13 episode series for Showtime or something.

If you like “Evil Bong” check this out. If not, avoid it. It’s not even really a horror film — no gore, no blood, no real monsters or killers (no one dies). I hope that an “Evil Bong 3” isn’t made, but if it is… well, maybe that will help regain this franchise’s momentum.

Entertaining no-brainer sequel

Stoners Larnell, Brett, and Bachman all suffer from severe delayed side effects from smoking grass from evil bong Ebee (robustly voiced with sassy panache by Michele Mais). The trio embark on a journey to the jungle in South America along with their nerdy straight-laced buddy Allistair and affable delivery guy Rabbit to find a cure for their various ailments. During their expedition the group encounter a bunch of beautiful women known as the Poontang Tribe as well as a wicked and powerful bong called King Bong. Sound really dumb? Well, this flick is certainly more stupid than a bag of rocks, but fortunately director Charles Band and writer August White treat the blithely idiotic premise with just enough breezy irreverence and present plenty of merry excessive weed toking to make this picture a perfectly amusing and enjoyable diversion. The game cast have a ball with the goofy material, with especially stand-out work by John Patrick Jordan as obnoxious hipster Larnell, Amy Paffroth as foxy and earnest scientist Velicity, Brett Chukerman as the geeky Allistair, Sonny Carl Davis as the amiable Rabbitt, Brian Lloyd as morbidly obese compulsive eater Brett, Mitch Eakins as the laid-back Bachman, Jacob Witkin as cranky old coot Cyril, and Robin Sydney as snippy stuck-up bitch Luann. District 78’s funky score hits the get-down groovy spot while Terrance Ryker’s crisp cinematography gives the movie an attractive bright look. As a tasty added plus, hot porn starlets Kat, Ariel X., August, and Emilianna all bare their sexy bodies as members of the Poontang Tribe. A real dippy hoot.

Evil Bong 2 King Bong: 2 down, 5 to go

Evil Bong, what a concept. You can only assume someone was smoking some high quality stuff to have thought this would be a good idea, yet somehow someway it became a long running franchise which at time of writing has seven movies.

Well the first was stupid stuff but just about managed to be entertaining, kind of. Here we see the same characters (Almost the same cast) suffering side effects from their encounter with the titular Evil Bong and venture to South America to seek out a cure.

Stoner humour, childishness and that weird Full Moon movies charm that still remains after all these years.

In no universe could I ever say King Bong is a good film, in fact if any of the next 5 movies get over a 5/10 I’ll be astounded! However they’re dumb fun, and in that almost likeable way unlike the likes of Sharknado *Sigh*.

Evil Bong 2 manages to be a tad better than the first movie, it actually has structure this time and more of a story. I can’t believe I’m talking about a movie called Evil Bong and complimenting it on it’s story. Then again I’ve watched a movie about a killer tyre, a giant man eating sperm and Ron Jeremy’s penis breaking off and going on a killing spree so I really shouldn’t judge it too harshly!

The Good:

Follows on from the first film

Sonny Carl Davis

The Bad:


Plot is daft, even by “Evil Bong” standards

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

I’m going to watch seven movies about a Killer Bong and one spin off film where the Killer Bong battles an evil gingerbread man. I may need help.