The Greatest Gift of Life (2021)


The Greatest Gift of Life Storyline

A widower makes a living as a translator in Tokyo after retiring as a college instructor. His only daughter has married and moved to a different part of the country. It is surprising then that his daughter shows up and lets him know that she is staying for a while. It is awkward, but they father and daughter have to learn to communicate.

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The Greatest Gift of Life Movie Reviews

It is fine to watch

It is a TV movie and clearly low budget. That is normally fine and even more so here because they do not have any cheesy parts.

The daughter of a man returns home under mysterious circumstances and does not give a reason why. Her father suspects she is having marital problems, yet she denies this.

The said daughter is clean (no ink or piercing), slender and has a nice face and delicate features. Her hair is long and feminine. Unfortunately, she doesn’t show any skin for some reason and dresses like chairman Mao.

There are a couple of pretty alm-ond eyed schoolgirls with legs to die for as the husband is a teacher.

The film is a sad one and the viewers need to be prepared for that.