A Wounded Fawn (2022)

94% – Critics
64% – Audience

A Wounded Fawn Storyline

A serial killer brings an unsuspecting new victim on a weekend getaway to add another body to his ever-growing count. She’s buying into his faux charms, and he’s eagerly lusting for blood. What could possibly go wrong?

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A Wounded Fawn Movie Reviews

Artsy indi flick with a disclaimer

First and foremost, I would like to put a disclaimer that if you are not a fan of something without a distinct throughline, some artsy fartsy-ness and a true indipendent production… this is plainly not for you. Please, give it a shot, but your close minded 1 star review means nothing in that sense.

Now, with that being said… this was a mixed bag for me and as an indi actor who knows much about the scene, I’ll judge it accordingly. There were a lot of pros and cons to this one, yet there are still aspects to be appreciated and enjoyed despite it’s missteps.

The first thing you will notice is the grainy filter with dust specs all over it, giving it a 90s film reel feel. At first I was not a fan and found it distracting, but settled into it and liked the older filtered look with the over saturation while assisted by a lot of nice shots. Lots of artsy close ups that felt expected that I could have lived without but it’s fine.

The story started out solidly engaging, which the first act was more successful with that than the second. You will notice a lot of spoon fed foreshadowing along with a decent amount of contrived dialogue. Neither were super horrible and almost felt like it was in a purposeful 90s style… at least we can hope. I will say, in the first act they did not do a great job at establishing the level of her and the “mystery mans” relationship. It was like one line would feel like they were strangers, next it would feel like they have known each other for two months, the next three dates.

The second half was when it went into full mania, slowed down a bit and kind of fell off the rails. I’m sure there were plenty of metaphors and allegories that went over my head, which is okay, but if you don’t mix that in with a little bit of laymans then your message gets lost and doesn’t reach as many people as it could… and if you’re not making a movie for the masses, that’s fine too but it also runs the risk of edging on pretension.

As far as the acting goes, this was also a mixed bag. On one hand i thought the lead girl did a great job. Her delivery was natural and down to earth yet still had a little flair making it her own and unique. I would love to see her in something else. Whereas our psycho dudeman maybe paled in comparison a bit. He totally looked the part, but a lot of his delivery felt a tad “silly” which could have lent itself to that socially awkward, quirky psychopath… However, it just didn’t quite get there for me and came off more stilted and contrived for the majority of it unfortunately. I did however love that extended final shot. So weird and disconcerting. I know that was uncomfortable and not easy, so good job.

Some technical stuff – as I said before I ended up really liking the way it looked. The audio levels were off at times making dialogue a little difficult to hear. Also the sound design/effects were a little much at times and edged on distracting. The score was interesting and I liked it. Loved the costume design, particularly in the first act. Owl man and the reveal both looked a little juvenile and silly while horned twig man was the most creepy and successful. I was pleased with the special effects/ gore for the level of production this was, I thought they did a good job. The only thing was the color of blood was off.

Over all I think that this was a successful indi flick and should be judged as such. This is not meant to be your typical, brainless Hollywood blockbuster…so keep that in mind. I do think that there were a lot of ideas here and maybe their “mission statement” got a little convoluted but with a plethora of ideas there are going to be hits and misses. I don’t usually write reviews this long, so when I do I always say it obviously made me feel something. So I’d rather that, than not. Would recommend.

A Two-act Greek Tragedy but as if Julie Taymor found an old Ingmar Bergman script.

In other words, this is very Lars von Trier-esque.

Oh, and it stars that one guy from CollegeHumor.

Now, this will not be everyone’s cup of blood because it is not pure horror but rather a film staged as a highly-theatrical piece of tragic drama with the horror element of being about a serial killer and his prey. And it is just as bizarre, stodgy and abstruse as an Aristophanes play. But so much Classical theater was grotesque morality tales of murder, thievery, haunting and retribution that they fit right into the revenge horror genre.

The plot starts off a bit in the vein American Psycho (Act One). It gradually veers into more obscure heady art-house territory (Act Two). A lot of it works in a creepy psychological way; some of it struggles with pretentious histrionics. But ultimately I had to like it for its attempts of melding of myth with terror.

Some of the effects are goofy but a lot are well-done. The music actually is spot-on for the ethereal nature of the plot. The acting is good but if you are used to seeing Josh make funny on the Youtubes, you might find him playing schizophrenic a bit hard. However, I commend his non-comedic endeavors and want to see him in more dramatic roles. And yes, the misdirection in the title is that he, not she, is the wounded fawn.

And the Red Owl face reveal…..what the actual what?!?!?!

An odd little film for sure.

Real Disappointment and Indignancy

This is a 2022’s worst movie ever unfortunately. Or would be the worst one. There is no scenario, plot, topic, fiction or playing act. You never understand what’s going on in the so-called that movie ! There is no any connection with people and in this movie. I made a huge mistake for watching and please you do not. I was impressed when I watched at first the trailer though, but it wasn’t as it seems to be honest. All in all, I was immensely disappointed by this movie, and consider it one of the worst drama ! Horror movies I’ve watched this year! Just keep away.

My point and evaluation is just 1 point….