Por que Você não Chora? (2020)


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“Why don’t you cry?” addresses the delicate topic of suicide. Jessica is very closed, Barbara is a time bomb. The two look for each other when, at the psychology college internship, Jessica meets Barbara.

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monotonous routine, psychology, suicide median film

With a very well produced first metaphorical scene that makes us want to continue watching , we see the rain that represents tears but here they pour over a mother and her baby in a cradle that melancholy leaves him crying.

We know Jessica ( Carolina Monte Rosa ) a very introspective psychology student, who doesn’t even know why she chose this course, cold and without expressions , who takes care of his 8 year old sister with a mediocre job clearly very sad , at the course stage you have to help the situation of Barbara ( Bárbara paz ) totally explosive, needing a lot of psychological help also alone because I can’t take the responsibility of mother and abandoned her son, whose today is dealing with justice to see it commonly.

We see Barbara evolve thanks to Jessica and achieving her goals for her son, but Jessica noted that her proximity to Barbara was only professional , and she fails to expel her feelings, leaving her little sister inside with her distant mother, and the director introduces us as Jessica being the baby ignored by her mother at the beginning of the film, where he had problems with a rigid family from the countryside and did not adapt to the capital, he did not express his feelings, seeing his sister and only friend spend the whole day in a daycare center , leading a life without goals ended up committing suicide.

Sad and beautful…

Strong and feminine, “Why don’t you cry?” addresses the delicate topic of suicide. Jessica is very closed, Barbara is a time bomb. The two meet when, at the stage of the faculty of psychology, Jessica meets Barbara. The coexistence leads Jessica to question her empty and meaningless life.

The abrupt cuts between scenes bother me a little, the slow pace is not a problem, because the routine imposed in the film enchants, captivates and involves… Bárbara Paz and Carolina Monte Rosa are simply spectacular, while one acts coldly, the other is explosive, of opposites that attract and infect us, passionate plot, with themes related to psychological disorders, we dive deep into these sad diseases… Based on real facts, sad…