Pathonpatham Noottandu (2022)


Pathonpatham Noottandu Storyline

It is a true story of a God Anantha Padmanabha Swamy jewellery been theft by a person, and A humble man has been chased the thief and surrender him with jewellery over the king of Kerala. This movie is all about the true story of Velayudha.

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Pathonpatham Noottandu Movie Reviews

Could have been great, but just average

This could have been an epic, landmark movie ! In terms of production and costumes the movie might be one, but had the storytelling be tighter, editing a bit more crispier, some insights into main character’s origin or struggles or “thoughts” (we only see his final actions and repercussions of those actions.

Now coming to the movie itself – the actions sequences were well shot – but got repeating and quite honestly boring towards the end. I was almost sleeping through some in the Theatre after a while ( yeah there is bunch of similar slow motion action sequences which definitely could have been cut)

The idea of clubbing Nangeli, Kochunni and Velayuda Panikar as a creative liberty would have been fine had they made a significant difference – here these are done in a messy and pretty ridiculous manner. And king asking Panikar to capture Kochunni and Kochunni stealing from a poor priest are really doing injustice and totally wrapping history cruelly and un-necessarily as well ( it doesnt really after the overall narrative other much )

Strong work technically, but the screenplay leaves much to be desired! [+53%]

Pathonpatham Noottandu is an episodic re-telling of certain events that took place in the 19th century with extreme cinematic liberties taken by writer-director Vinayan. For sure, the visuals by Shaji Kumar, Ajayan Chalissery’s production design, Supreme Sundar’s stunt choreography, and Santhosh Narayanan’s score give the film a strong technical backing but the script lacks the emotional punch required in a film like this. Siju Wilson’s presence is imposing and he totally shines in the set-pieces as Ezhava spice merchant turned activist Aarattupuzha Velayudha Panicker. Kayadu Lohar’s portrayal of Nangeli is also quite impressive. Chemban Vinod, who plays (a different version of) Kayamkulam Kochunni, is decent. The cast is huge, with prominent names filling up important roles.

For a relatively smaller budget period film, Pathonpatham Noottandu scores better than some of the other entries in this genre in recent memory (i.e. In the Malayalam language). Yet, most characters are uni-dimensional and fail to register as anything beyond good/bad. The melodrama, which is usually on the higher side in Vinayan films, is thankfully balanced out with the action blocks and sub-plots. He reserves it exclusively for the climax, which recalls a folklore we’ve all read or heard somewhere. There is a very chapter-by-chapter feeling to the film, be it in the way it introduces (and re-introduces) characters or major plot developments. This adds to the emotional disconnect between us viewers and the film’s protagonists.

Underwhelming script and low budget film-making which left Siju Wilson’s efforts in vain.

There’s severe lack of proper emotions in the movie. Although, the atrocities our ancestors had to suffer is enough to make our blood boil, it is safe to say my blood was cool throughout the movie. The characters are underdeveloped. Almost all the malayalam period dramas suffer due to the accent of old times. The dialogues will always feel artificial to hear after 2010.

In addition, the sets which reminds me of dramas, poor acting by most of the cast, the bad to nearly funny make up pulls the movie back.

Above all, it’s the annoying background score which trumps all. I don’t know who told the composer to create a track and keep it playing regardless of what happens in the movie. You can hear the same track during a conversation between some characters who aren’t important and also when the protagonists fights the bad guy.

It’s ironic how the movie tries to criticize the laws against lower caste women covering their body, but objectifies them at the same time. Yeah.. It’s a Vinayan film, so that is not that surprising at all.

I just felt bad for Siju Wilson who put clearly put so much effort into this movie.