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3 Perfect Reviews ALL in the Month of November?!

…Nothing suspicious there. Come one gang; I’m glad you loved the flick you made but don’t sucker the rest of us into watching this lame effort with glowing reviews that only those involved would write. At best this is a nightlight; leave your PC on and let the glow lull you to sleep,. At worst it’s inept tripe; poorly. Written, acted and directed. I appreciate that you honestly think you were involved in a masterpiece, but look at it objectively. This is a real time-waster even if you have nothing else to do.

I Do Love a Good Scarecrow Movie

It was fun and it was interesting and for some it would even be scary. I don’t want to be mean and say the acting was bad because I would love to be in a Horror Movie. And I fully support film projects. But come on guys. If you really want people to watch your film give it an honest high rating. Even the Godfather isn’t 10 Stars.

You won’t sleep well after watching this

Director: Geno McGahee brings us the old school style Rise of the Scarecrows: Hell on Earth.

This low budget fun flick centers around a young writer returning to his hometown.

Shortly after he finds out the Scarecrows are alive and raising Hell on Earth.

Geno McGahee reruns to a movie he made in 2003 Rise of the Scarecrows and continues were he left off. It’s from his beginnings and now he makes something nostalgic and important to him.

With his mom gone and his father dealing with the loss. The writer decides this will be the perfect lace to write and take care of his saddened Dad. Why he sons learns is that his dad and the town folks have a pact with the evil lurking. The evil being 3 horrific scarecrows. The scarecrows won’t harm the residents if sacrifices are made to please there thirst for human blood.

In between the blood and Murders provided from wandering passerby’s through very cool and creative kills our hero falls in love with the local who takes care of his dad.

Of course we need victims and a done padding and we get that. A group of campers friend our lovely couple and party a little with promise of more. Death falls upon our campers as they become victims of the sacrifice they are unwillingly part of.

It doesn’t take look for the writer and his girlfriend to put 2 and 2 together and discover the horrible secret being performed. The secret his dad and family partake in willingly. Who will survive this carnage and will the curse over this town be resolved?

What you have here with Rise of The Scarecrows: Hell on Earth is a homage to the good ole days of SOV movies. A dedicated cast and crew and buckets of blood. Writer/ Director Geno knew what he wanted and what type of audience he was attracting. The attention that was given to the Scarecrows is just amazing. They are actually living and breathing Scary as hell Scarecrows. There is an unmasking scene that gave me nightmares.

The Scarecrows while the center of attention do phenomenal. The supporting cast really grasp there parts and add a great mix of satisfying scenes.

Camera work, lighting, sound and editing is way above the usual level of this type of filmmaking. It was beautifully pieced together with a lot of love and respect of the genre. A heavy metal soundtrack works well throughout and just makes it all better.

I see Geno moving onto bigger projects but I hope the passion and professionalism shown throughout this tidy lil gem stays in his soul.