The Line (2022)


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Margaret is charged with a three-month restraining order for having hit her mother. But the 100 meters that now separate her from her home only exacerbate Margaret’s desire to come closer to her family.

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Better than average

I saw this movie at the world premiere at Berlinale. I went into it without much knowledge of it beforehand. I pretty much only knew that it was a daughter who got a restraining order form her mom.

I didn’t expect it to be anything to write home about. I was partly right about that.

The movie is a pretty good movie. It has great characters and makes the storyline work pretty well. And it certainly has it’s moments.

That being said it’s not one of the best films I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely better than average but it’s also not a big notable work of art.

Unforgivable that the director doesn’t give an explanation for the behaviour of the daughter

Saw this at the Film Festival of Angoulême. The beginning scene is a baroque outburst of violence filmed in slow-mo. We see a woman attacking her mother while two men are trying to contain her. Of course you expect to discover later on why this person did that, but no, it is never explained in the film which is absolutely unforgivable. We don’t have a crystal ball. What on earth happened? You don’t attack someone violently like that for no reason. Unfortunately, it’s exactly what the film is telling us. The woman has a violent temper and the reason why the film was made in the first place is to show that women can be violent as well, and I’m quoting the director here. Well, if this is the way, you want to show it, then maybe you should think twice. And maybe, just maybe, write a proper script first. There is zero psychology, hence zero character development.

The actors weren’t bad, except for Bruni-Tedeschi. She has been playing the same role for the last 10 years. Can’t see her anymore.

The only good thing about this film is the technical achievement, that’s why the two stars were given. Good camera work and good editing. But of course that is not enough. How this got funding in the first place and made it to the official competition in Berlin is beyond me. Ursula Meier is a very overestimated director.