Kill Shot (2023)

17% – Critics
17% – Audience

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Kill Shot Movie Reviews

Awful movie

This was another low budget; poor acting and lame storyline movie being churned out by Hollywood. The bad guys miss every shot and the action scenes by Rachel Cook was pathetic. To keep anyone watching Rachel Cook does a quarter of the movie in a long shirt and in just underwear. The whole movie was lifeless and so poorly acted it is an embarrassment.

One of the worst movies of 2023. Do not waste your time on this one. Please do not pay for it, save your money please. I can say no more. I could explain the plot more to you by why waste my time also. There is not enough lipstick in the world to pretty up this movie and make it acceptable..

Geezus that was so painfully bad, I had to turn it off midway.

If I told you every single scene in this nonsense had every filmmaking flaw possible, I wouldn’t be exaggerating. You’d think a 93 min short running time would be a breeze to watch, but this was painful from the get-go. From the cliched, cheesy, sappy and boring story that just dragged on repetitively, to the just as bad dialogue, the horrible acting by every character, and the constant annoying and overbearing score, I’m shocked I even lasted to the midpoint of this poor excuse of a movie.

The story was so bad, it was laughable – like a little girl would be trusted to walk for miles in snow to deliver a suitcase of drug money, to the lame same military dudes walking around for days in the Montana wilderness with guns glued to their eyes, all the while seeing the cringeworthy and eyeroll-riddled meet-up and excursion between Rachel Cook and Rib-eye’s characters. Co-written and starring Rib, it’s shocking he has 68 previous acting credits, as he was the worst actor of the bunch. Newb actress Rachel Cook was more convincing. I’m sure part blame falls on director and co-writer Ari Novak’s failure to direct his cast properly, because he got nothing right as a filmmaker. A fifth grade drama class could write and direct a better film.

Novak should find a new hobby, because filmmaking isn’t it. I’m not sure how this was even green-lit and funded, it’s that bad. It’s a generous 2/10, all going towards the breathtaking Montana scenery and landscapes, and the three ladies that were at least easy on the eyes to watch. Don’t waste your time with this nonsense, I did half of that for you.

Proving you can’t make something fast, good and cheap

I always wondered why it took two years to release this movie after they wrapped up production, and now I know why. They needed some time to help them forget how bad of a movie they made. The basics of filmmaking were ignored in making this movie. It would have been much better to market this film as comical action or campy, but when they feel they made a serious film, it’s just delusional and sad. I would be embarrassed to put this out there.

Aside from the opening scene, the writing, acting, and actions sequences are all horrible and laughable. The editing and framing of these scenes are very awkward as well. The director tries to distract the viewer by having Rachel run around in underwear or a bra. She looks like a puppet and has limited acting range. Rib looks like a soap opera star looking to extend his career. His dream sequence with Rachel is cringy and sophomoric at best.

The action sequences are silly and sloppy, and the villains are laughably incompetent and allow themselves to be killed as if they never had any fighting or combat experience. I like how Rib was able to take out a sniper by spinning around with a handgun, ha ha. Rachel character was so dumb she couldn’t undo the ratcheting strap holding her down when her wrists were held together with zip ties but her fingers and arms were free!

It’s clear they casted Rachel to draw her social media followers to watch this movie. It will probably be the only people who watch this film. What I can’t understand is why Rachel would sign on to more films with this silly production company.