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An ambitious college student is excited to have a new sorority sister until she uncovers her sister’s dark past.

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Another sorority Lifetime movie!!!

Bailee transfers to get into a sorority but doesn’t pass muster until the pledge they choose has an accident and Bailee is decided on to replace her. Jana, has an instant connection with Bailee but the other sisters have their suspicions about her! They couldn’t be more right! Lot of twists and turns in this movie that won’t leave you disappointed. Recommended!

Definitely enjoyable

This has been one of the better lifetime movies I’ve seen recently.

There has been alot of sorority based thrillers on this channel that mostly deal with murder and corruption within the Greek system.

I believe this is one of the first sorority stalker films to feature an obsessed theme.

The climatic ending was nicely done too.

Pathetic and Terribly bad. Please avoid.

Sinister Sorority a.k.a Sisters for Life is a thriller film directed by Anna Elizabeth James and stars Maddison Bullock, Heather Lynn Harris, Briana Femia and Tyler Lain.

A new sorority member’s obsessive behavior puts one of her sisters in grave danger.

A terribly bad and irritating film with an unconvincing plot and similarly unconvincing execution. I have seen many such films and this is no exception. The psycho gets attached to one of the main leads and starts sabotaging her life or the life of their near and dear ones.

And still gets away till the very climax with no one suspecting for them.

The film is filled with loopholes. In one of the scenes one of the students gets attacked and there is no investigation that been shown considering that she was attacked inside the campus and there must be lots of CCTV but who cares. The main villain faked about her education but again who cares. One of the members living in the house for three years will only steal in her final year and will gets kicked out of the house but same who cares. One of the girl gets attacked in the house and the police didn’t even search the house as part of their investigation and the suspect might be from the house but still who cares.

Acting is pathetic and almost all the characters irritates with Maddison Bullock and Briana Femia the main leads and most irritating characters. Screenplay of the film is filled with loopholes and climax of the film looks funny and senseless. If there would’ve been any punishment for making bad films then surely the director of this film would’ve got jailed for lifetime.

Please avoid this crap.