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Working for the boutique New York City-based agency Colvin Designs, theme park designer Tim Ericson and his native South African videographer Darius D’Checko have just arrived at the Ukubuyela Endle Wildlife Reserve in South Africa for a three week stay to conduct research for their next project, an immersive wildlife adventure themed attraction. There, they meet wildlife rangers, American Megan Henry, who works part-time while she completes her Ph.D. dissertation in big cat ethology, she close to doing her defense, and South African Kamara, who is nearing the end of her training. Getting off on the wrong foot in Tim and Darius unwittingly contravening what to them seems like a benign policy of no drones, one which does have important reasons for being in place and, if contravened, could risk Megan and Kamara their ranger licenses and thus their livelihoods, Tim and Megan, and Darius and Kamara embark on burgeoning romances, ones that will last probably at least for the duration of Tim and Darius’ stay. As Tim and Megan seemingly reach the next stage of possible commitment, a stage that Megan cannot see happening in they just being in the wrong phases of their respective lives, their romance is already threatened with the arrival onto the scene of Amy Bradshaw, Tim’s former college classmate who he has not seen in ten years since their college days and more importantly his ex-girlfriend. While Amy states her presence is to provide him the courtesy of the news that her father has purchased Colvin Designs and has placed her as head of the theme park division making her Tim’s new boss, she has ulterior motives for wanting to see Tim in person. And as “boss” that is on the scene, she may have sway in what Tim and Darius decide to do to get what they need, policies be damned.—Huggo

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A Safari Romance Movie Reviews

Unoriginal but entertaining enough

7.4 stars.

I was not fully immersed in the experience of ‘A Safari Romance’, however it is a good movie overall. There are a few things missing that are hard to pin down. Maybe it’s the slight lack of chemistry between the leads? I’m not sure. They both seem to be trying to be into the romance, yet there is a feeling that something is not quite right. I still enjoyed myself as I watched them interact, they are both good actors and charismatic. He is a Hallmark regular, probably a heartthrob for most of the ladies, so you really can’t go wrong there. She has mainly been placed in secondary roles, but this is one of her big shots at the big time and she didn’t disappoint. The plot was ok, nothing to write home about. The scenery was amazing, the camera work was brilliant, the dialogue was ok, the plot was mundane. It was entertaining enough for me to award it a solid 7 stars.

Location, Location. Where was this movie filmed….

Yes, to an earlier review. I also am confused by the Hallmark listing of the female leads name first in the credits. So very wrong.. I watched this movie for Walker’s.name on the project. A fan since “Steel Toes”, have never been disappointed.

This is a travelogue, a film showing the beauty to be found in nature and it’s marvelous creatures. Humans are of secondary interest.

But… this film left me with a question. Since it showed the beauty of an immersive creation, the question becomes: how much of that was used in the actual filming?

That thought occurred to me- as the credits and location shots rolled. Could you place an actor in a location even though he was actually thousands of miles away? This movie proves this could actually happen. The days of green screen filming has finally evolved. Many new and innovative methods are possible. Makes me wonder.

A Foreign Film Location Does not Overcome a Weak Storyline

Yet again Hallmark uses a foreign film location in an attempt to overcome a weak storyline. Andrew Walker and Brittnay Bristow are solid and have a great track record in past Hallmark movies. As actors, it is simply impossible to overcome a bad storyline or script. The accountabity for these issues are the of Hallmark Media’s Executive Offices. In the last two years approximately 60% of their movie production has not been as good as the old Hallmark standards.

Sometimes doing things different does not mean they are better. Hallmark is now in the business of making Lifetime Movie Network gravity movies. There are already several networks that do that. Since Hallmark has left the family values / rom-com segment, they will be replaced by another network and become ‘homeless’.