Adipurush (2023)

  • Year: 2023
  • Released: 16 Jun 2023
  • Country: India
  • Adwords: N/A
  • IMDb:
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Metacritics:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
  • Runtime: 179 min
  • Writer: Manoj Muntashir, Om Raut
  • Director: Om Raut
  • Cast: Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Prabhas
  • Keywords: ramayana, based on myths, legends or folklore, cgi-live action hybrid,
7% – Critics
62% – Audience

Adipurush Storyline

Raghava prince of Ayodhya goes to exile to live in forests for fourteen years with his wife Janaki and brother Sesh.As per the orders by his father Dashratha on request of his step mother Kaikaee.Lankesh a ten headed demon king from Lanka wants to attain salvation he meets his sister after Shurpanakha after a long with a broken nose.Shurpanakha tells him that she fell in love with Raghava the king of Ayodhya who rejected her for the most beautiful women in kingdom of Ayodhya his wife Janaki.When she tried to rebel against it her nose was partly chopped of by Sesh younger brother of Ragahava.Shurpanakha wants Lankesh to take her revenge who kidnaps Janaki and takes her to Lanka.A helpless Raghava and Sesh come across an old women Shabari who tells them that in the mountainous regions Sugriv can aide him.Raghava meets Bajrang and takes him to Sugriv who has lost his kingdom to his brother and can be of less help.But along with help of Raghava ,Sugriv wins his kingdom back and he sends Bajrang to Lanka to find details of Janaki.Bajrang reaches Lanka and challenges the kingdom where Lankesh’s wife Mandodari predicts Lankesh that the destruction of Lanka is near.—

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Adipurush Movie Reviews

Besides a soulful score by Ajay Atul, this adaptation of Ramayana is a baffling and collosal dissapointment.

Besides a soulful score by Ajay Atul, this adaptation of Ramayana is a baffling and collosal dissapointment.

My Rating : 15/100

Adipurush is a disgusting mockery of a beloved and celebrated chapter of Indian Mythology. Baring the intimidating Sharad Kelkar’s voice and Ajay Atul’s profound score, nothing really clicks in this modern adaptation. Om Raut’s precarious attempt is a monumental disaster in every aspects of filmaking. Starting from the caricaturish character design of Raavan, cartoonish rendering of the banar sena , cringe dialogues & hurried screenplay everything forces us to bash this misfire. Some salvageable performanaces by Kriti Sanon and Devdatta Nage isnt quite enough to save this project. A mere cash-grabbing project with no acknowledgement of the source material , relying only to play with the Indian sentiments is the prime idea behind this.

A proper case of poor casting, whoever decided to cast the stone faced Prabhas to portray the vibrant character of Ram should be easily disbanded from his casting career. A complete misfit as he stirs through with no expressions on his face. Entire film is shot in dark, in order to hide the already flawed CGI. Thor’s Asgard is colour graded to black and they have the new Lanka. Wtf are you serious Om Raut? The entire films goes by and i couldn’t find anything which i could have related or brought back home. A tiring adaptation to say the least.

Overall, if you wish to see this film even if you re a Prabhas fan, you will be largely dissapointed. Only Prasanth Neel’s Salaar can revive his degrading career. My suggestion would be to skip this in Theatres and show your kids the Yugo Sako animated version of The Legend of Prince Rama or Ramanand Sagar’s version if ever you want them to learn this beautiful epic.

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How can someone make a movie that bad ?

Summary: Adipurush, a movie supposedly based on the Hindu mythology Ramayan, proves to be a disastrous departure from tradition. With its misguided choices in visual effects, abysmal dialogues, and language inconsistencies, the film misses the mark on multiple levels.

Detailed Review: A question to the director and the other heads, how can you be so irresponsible while making this masterpiece of a story into something trash? The blatant disregard for retaining the original character personalities is appalling. Ravan, a Brahmin devotee of Shiv, known for his vegetarianism, is completely transformed in this movie, which not only disrespects the original mythology but also has the potential to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus.

Let’s talk about the VFX, or rather the lack thereof. Despite having a higher budget than Brahmastra, Adipurush fails to achieve even a fraction of the visual effects quality. It’s clear that more effort should have been put into fixing the VFX instead of just superficially color grading the scenes.

The dialogues in Adipurush reach new depths of mediocrity. While attempting to portray a more modern interpretation, the filmmakers fail to put in the necessary effort to create dialogues that can be understood and appreciated by any generation. The result is a disjointed and poorly crafted script that leaves viewers cringing and yearning for substance.

In conclusion, my disappointment with Adipurush is immeasurable, and it truly ruined my day. The film’s disregard for character authenticity, subpar VFX, and atrocious dialogues render it an abysmal cinematic experience. It fails to deliver on its promise of an engaging and respectful adaptation of the revered Ramayan Epic. It serves as a disservice to both the source material and the audience, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of those who had hoped for so much more.

Pathetic Ramayan parody

Adipurush, if one remembers, was supposed to be an modern adaptation of Ramayan and hence the makers chose to have a free run with the creative liberties in this film and it all went wrong .

Adipurush itself starts from the middle of Ramayana where lord Ram was sent to the jungles for 14 years exile . Hence the film doesn’t have any build up to any character.

First, the characters itself have no introduction whatsoever. Makers assume since we know Ramayana, so no need to introduce anyone properly. Lord Ram is just introduced through some pictures in the opening credit while laxman and Sita ma have even further lower introduction. Honestly saying if one didn’t tell you that Sunny Singh is laxman, you probably won’t know. Jatayu pops up randomly and gets to poorest adieu . It’s almost as if Lord Ram doesn’t even know who Jatayu is. Bali , the brother of Sugreev, has absolutely no introduction.

Next, the setting. If it’s a modern adaptation of Ramayana, then why is the Lord Ram side shown to be taken straight from Ramayana but Lanka and it’s people especially Raavan are shown as people of some Azguard (Thor) ? Clearly there is inconsistency . If you remember the original Ramayana, both Ram and Raavan side had almost similar kind of dresses with kings wearing king like dresses etc. Here, both sides wear dresses belonging to opposite poles.

Next, the execution. It’s horrendous. Bali and Sugreev’s fight is the worst looking one which gets over in no time without any introduction to Bali. As they fight, you can’t even understand who is Bali and who is Sugreev. The part where Sita gets kidnapped by the Sadhu is not accurate. The Sadhu i believe never gave evil smiles . Jatayu’s adieu is just ignored. In the earlier Ramayana, Jatayu has a heartfelt conversation with lord Ram in his arms before dying but here, Jatayu is just treated like a random bird. Last but not the least, everything on the lankan side is so poorly executed. Lord Hanuman burns Lanka with his tail but it barely burns, just random explosions here and there that’s it.

Next, I want to talk about Indrajith and Vibhishan. My god what kind of portrayal is this? Indrajit looks like a party animal from some Noida club and he possesses powers of Flash !! The level of creative liberties they took!! Vibhishan is so hard to believe he’s vibhishan as he doesn’t act like him only . They all got weird tattoos on their body especially indrajith . Itna bhi modern nahi karna tha !!

VFX and dialogues. Let’s not talk about it you already know how it is. The final war sequence also looks so cartoonish that it sucks the essence out of it.

Let’s talk about Raavan played by Saif. He does try very hard to make Raavan look menacing. His character is even given a terrifying bgm . However, the rest things of his looks so weird. His 10 heads rendered VFX looks hilarious at best. His hairstyle is again Noida Gurugram style. He feeds non veg to his dragon vehicle (why is non veg shown in this film at first place?). All these creative choices just don’t fit Raavan. The makers have just played around with the Lanka side while fearfully avoiding any creative changes on Ram side .

Songs are good as well as the BGM. That’s the only reason I gave this film 2 stars.

Prabhas as lord Ram should never have been there. He’s just angry faced , barely smiles and has no expressions at all. His body is an entire VFX render throughout.

Overall, i thought KBKJ was the worst film this year but Adipurush beats it by a mile solely because it has ruined an epic saga so close to all Hindus. Adipurush just shows a part of the entire Ramayana that too with little to no detailing with its running time being 3 hrs and back in 1992, the Yugo Sako version showed all details and the entire tale of Ram in under 2hrs 50 mins. It clearly shows the quality difference of the makers .