180 Degree Rule (2020)

64% – Critics

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A school teacher from Tehran is preparing to attend a wedding in northern Iran. When her husband suddenly forbids her to go, she makes a choice that will place her on a painful path zig to atonement.

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It was a really good movie and thank you I personally enjoyed the movie.

It was a unique movie, it was really well made, it was beautiful Even reading the review makes you sad, so many people die for nothing! The movie is really impressive.

I just saw this movie, I was really sad at the end The movie was very well made and tragic.

Lots of content High replay value Main and secondary characters Unique atmosphere and atmosphere Music according to the atmosphere Excellent acting by most of the actors Creating a polished and sustainable experience Perry has no secret Chu came out of the hole in the head.

There are better Iranian films

A teacher from Iran is about to go to a family wedding in the rural north. Her husband, already not particularly keen on the trip, has to fly off on last-minute business, and forbids her to go. She nevertheless goes, taking their young daughter along. Returning, she has to lie to her husband, with the help with her Tehran-based family.

There is a sub-plot about one of her students, and together show the status of women in Iran. But I am not keen on family secrets and lies, and really dislike the ending.

weak and shallow

Being one of the numerous spawns and children of Farhadi’s social, tense dramas, 180 Degree Rule fails in every shade and layer in which the latter succeeded. The tragedy and the events leading to it are shallow, forced and imprecise as an idea or set of ideas that fail to properly culminate the film’s storyline. The acting is questionable, with the most curious casting of the male lead actor P.Jamshidi who know more about football than serious acting and whose presence is almost comedic, completely out of tune with this otherwise grave film. There are some bright moments in this film, some qualities scattered here and there, but the project as a whole is a failure.