Suicide Forest Village (2021)

33% – Critics
false% – Audience

Suicide Forest Village Storyline

One day a mysterious box arrived and a curse began to spread all over. The source of the box is ‘Jukai Village’. The village is hidden in Jukai Forest, a suicide spot that once you enter it, you can never come out.

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Suicide Forest Village Movie Reviews

First Review. Feeling The Pressure!

This is about a cursed box that is linked to Japan’s suicide forest.

This was more slow burning than I expected it to be. It took a while for things to get going and it made things feel a bit disjointed at first. To be honest though, there were webpages that were displayed and may have provided more context to the story had I been able to read them. The subtitles I had were decent but didn’t cover webpage dialogue and I may have missed a few things.

The overall story wasn’t bad and the acting was good. The horror aspects were sparse throughout most of the film but when we finally got there, there were some unnerving and creepy moments that were well done.

I’ll probably watch it again just to see if I can pick up on what I may have missed but I don’t have a problem recommending it for a creepy watch.

Takashi Shimizu – The Savior of J-Horror

The second installment in the “Horror Village” series by Takashi Shimizu, following “Howling Village.” Takashi channeled his Ju-On era by creating a frightening lore surrounding Japan’s infamous suicide forest. The out-of-the-box innovative death scenes and a brilliant cast of prettiest girls proved J-horror still got the originality and aesthetics.

There is no village

There’s only a box.

With fingers, which makes no sense at all.

Take the box to the forest, dump it out, burn it. No more box of gross .

If mom lost 2 fingers AFTER she died & granny lost one. Why didn’t they take M out of the forest? Why did her sister have to? Mom & granny were already dead & there.

There was a village a hundred of years ago. But not when this took place.

Could have been a lot better with more explanations.